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Did you know why Real Madrid is known as 'Viking' and Atletico as 'Indians'?


The color of the shirt of Real Madrid gives rise to its nicknames known as whites or meringues, but not limited to: Chamartín team is also known by another nickname was born derogatory, it still is for hobbies rivals, especially the athletic, but also adopted by many of the Madrid fans to enhance their pride: we talk about the Vikings, on which revolve several anecdotes, some more true than others, about their origin, we will try to answer these lines about why Real Madrid is related to those peoples Scandinavians who terrorized Europe in the Middle Ages. Just as we know, within the same story, why Atletico is known as the Native Americans.

For some, the Vikings nickname goes back to Real Madrid of Di Stefano and Gento, who won five consecutive European Cups. According to some, a journalist from The Times said, after the conquest of the fifth wound continental "Real wanders through Europe as the Vikings once walked, destroying everything in its path." But not found any really reliable source to confirm this theory, and then tell what seems to derail what seems to have left the popular imagination. Or, if it really existed, there is nothing that could justify it.

To find the real reason we have ahead two decades and into the seventies. Was a good time to rock, disco, Abba, The Who, and movies with The Godfather or Star Wars. The aesthetic of the period were the order of the day bell bottoms and long hair, sideburns, mustache and afro. Spanish football was living changes, then gradually opened its doors to foreign players. Before, if a Spanish club wanted a player not born in Spain had to be a native, the name was known to athletes who had some family ties with Spain. This led to quite a few fakes and legal tricks.

But in the seventies borders were opened and allowed to recruit two foreign players per team, a number that gradually increased over the years. Real Madrid and Atletico did not miss the opportunity. Then they were known as the meringues and the mattress, the latter due to the color of red and white stripes that used to have the mattress covers Spanish of the time. At first, the nickname was offensive intent, but it was gradually assimilating itself to keep it Atlético fans to refer to their own.

ayala heredia

Thus, the Madrid signed several players from German football then reigning in Europe with Bayern Munich or selection Teutonic. So they came to the Bernabeu Gunter Netzer, Paul Breitner, Jensen or Stielike. Meanwhile, Atletico signed several Argentine players like Ayala, Panadero Díaz and Heredia, and because of their long-haired aesthetics and its origin, the Madrid fans athletic renamed it began to bite Indian rival mattress. The red and white response was swift, and due to those players looking Nordic Germans had signed the Madrid, strong, blond or mustache, began to know the team like the Vikings.

Nicknames are here to stay and hobbies gradually took them with pride. It is not uncommon to see flags at the Bernabeu in which read "Viking Pride" while at the Calderon, the mascot, Indi , is neither more nor less than a raccoon dressed as an Indian. Over time, new theories emerged about the origin of nicknames, which were rather new meanings. Thus, it was said that Indians named the athletic because they lived along the river (Manzanares) the style of an Indian tribe, wore striped and hated the "white man". For its part, led to the nickname Viking offensive chants referring to the northern origin of Real Madrid (Bernabeu location with respect to Calderon) or Viking helmet horns.

A chapter in a rivalry between Real Madrid and Atletico that lasts over decades and has seen better days in the sports section, but that remains intact in the stands, where Indians and Vikings kept the fight for land Madrid.

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