Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A tomahawk Vučinić takes Juventus to Cup final

It was above all a spectacle which was offered last night Juventus and Milan, Juventus Stadium in the semifinals round of the Italian Cup in a match filled with tension, excitement and goals between two rivals this season seem destined to face. But while the league seems to be Milan who takes the lead in Copa opposite has happened since, despite losing 1-2 at San Siro in the first leg, the Rossoneri managed to tie the tie forcing the overtime, but then came the figure of the Montenegrin Mirko Vucinic to, long range and all-weather capability, throw a tomahawk, tie the game and give Juventus a spot in the final.

He had a good start with a Milan Juventus came out from the outset decided to turn the tie, and almost struck the first blow but for the intervention of the target Storari to Ibrahimovic, who was heading to Although a flu. However it was Del Piero, which takes place in the top eleven, who advanced after beating his team with ability to Amelia. Pinturicchio resists not continue to increase his legend. The Bianconeri therefore changed the fate of the match and it was Juventus who dominated until the end of the first part.

But Milan soon to return to find his place in the final, and would tie Mesbah Algerian head, with the passivity of the rear Juventina, shortly after starting the first part. Allegri's team did not relent in their efforts and end up tying the contest with just ten minutes with a great goal from Maxi Lopez, signing criticized as they come, who had entered the break for a limping Ibrahimovic. The goal spurred Argentine Juventus, who was about to score a second action marrada mainly by Borriello, before hearing the referee signal the end of the ninety minutes.

The extension was in the clear dominator Juve until he reached the goal by Vučinić. Before, the goal Amelia had saved a clear chance of the juventinos. After the goal of former AS Roma, AC Milan looked the third that would have given the classification, but withstood the onslaught of Conte and the square to win at the Olympic Stadium in Rome next May, where he will await the Naples and Siena. A cup final to AC Milan that does not come from that achieved victory in 2003. Juventus will try to undo equality for Roma to win the tenth wound and thus become the king of hearts in Italy.

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