Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sahin is payable to ostracism


Although the palm Coentrao was economically, Sahin took it in football. The Portuguese cost 30 million euros, but his arrival was seen as a quirk of his compatriot on the bench. Today, and even a usual schemes Mourinho has not yet repaid a whopping million cost and with which he rubbed his hands his former club Benfica. Meanwhile, the Turks came to Real Madrid as a real bargain. And is that the best Bundesliga player a season ago only cost 10 kilos. While Borussia Dortmund miss it at all seems to be more white.

Sahin has moved to corner lights and stenographers to subscribe to the ostracized sharper. He arrived at the Santiago Bernabeu star band, player determinant of offensive midfielder capable of delighting a crowd that demand characteristics in its vanguard. But there came touched, diminished by an injury that prevented him from finishing the course with their exequipo and apparently has burdened: "The injury is evolving very well and not to worry. People can rest assured that I will not have any problem to play for Real Madrid ", commented in May , to meet his signing.

Two months later, in his first session as a white player in Los Angeles, there was a sprained left knee ligament that due to a relapse in August prevented him from joining the group until late October. His debut came quickly, but eventually on 6 November had his minutes. Khedira came out in a duel against Osasuna, where all the fish was already sold (the clash ended 7-1). Failed to show much, but at least he recovered the physical tone. Then would dispute meetings with little prize at stake, such as duels and Ajax Champions League against Dynamo Cup or before the Ponferradina.

Instead of going introduced in the dynamics of Real Madrid, it came out, despite the central role that claim did enjoy both on their way through Germany. In 2012 has not played any minute with the white band, and what it must have enjoyed their selection, Turkey, which was granted 85 minutes on 29 February, although not the same as before since he wears white . Subscriber ostracism, is the least outfield player has played. Less even than Altintop. Without meeting the moment, expectations, some have been quick to report that their future is far from the Bernabeu, with a possible assignment in which rediscover.

But for a player who has shown all in the Bundesliga, just happened to Ozil, irreplaceable piece today in the plans of Mourinho, leaving loan could mean a step backwards. "Sahin is an option. Tomorrow is convened for the second consecutive time. The way you are working is an example of professionalism. Be here next season, which is much more expected of him. " The coach said just before the game against Malaga on Sunday. Nuri Sahin is just 23 years and a past not so far away that supports him. Simply shake the fear and demonstrate, as it did , that his left glove is unwavering.

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