Monday, 19 March 2012

'Cazorlazo' on the horn to encourage the League


For Real Madrid, a draw that tastes like defeat. For Malaga, a tie that tastes victory. Maybe that's the current mood of two sets that staged a hotly contested stake in which whites received their own medicine: forgave and forgave before Knight and end on the horn, Cazorla's squad nailed a spherical Casillas win the League makes a dash of excitement. Mourinho lost the two points and the leading mattress goes from 10 to 8.

The difference remains, frankly, substantial. The Cazorlazo in 92 'can close the gap to Barcelona after not fail at the Sanchez Pizjuan and although the main sin Madrid at the Bernabeu was not hit upon before the opposing goalkeeper, maybe this tie could weigh in the face not so distant future stakes, because in a week there will be three league games. In fact, on Tuesday the club is measured at the Granada and Madrid, on Thursday, travels to Villarreal.

It is a championship without respite, no errors. Because, frankly, few ventured that after Benzema's goal (35 ') Malaga tying end point of a scenario where a year ago and conceded seven goals against an opponent in the first round, in the Rose Garden, was able to mark four goals in a first time frame. The 1-0 came at a time when the Andalusians played fearless, brazen, with a look Rondon Casillas did at first.

Perhaps the lesson learned, but pulling the cast of Knight interventions, which in previous appointments had starred for his mistakes, Malaga was watching his goal was insurmountable despite the constant attempts to Benzema, Christian or alley. The minutes passed, both teams exhausted their cartridges and the Bernabeu bench watching his team was mercilessly normally be pitied of Malaga avenged.

Is recouped of 7-0 and 0-4. Also, just in case, the elimination copera. And by the way, threw a bucket of cold water to those who gave (and continue to) the League for sentencing. Cazorla put talent with a direct free edge of the area turned in a masterful way. No reaction time, no time to anything, only whites were left lamenting Marradas occasions in the second half. And Pellegrini, Destrangis, took a point for Malaga is golden.

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