Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Messi (∞)


After the Spanish Civil War, Barcelona took the services of Cesar Rodriguez. The year was 1939 and 'The Wig', as it was known a posteriori because they said that for every header was down a hair from his bushy hair, had to pack up because just around the corner waiting for him military service. He went on loan to Granada, where he was recruited to fulfill its obligation as a citizen, also witnessed an unparalleled front did a promotion with the Nasrid box before returning to Barcelona to see the sea ... and to make history. He scored 232 goals, not 235 as had been allocated so far, and this sympathetic character Leon became the top scorer in the history of Barcelona. Almost 60 years later, a quieter player, familiar with the ball and he came to Barcelona with the signature on a napkin, spray has an astronomical figure. His name is Leo Messi, and is, and will be until you see another like him, the worthy successor of the historic striker Leon. Their quality is beyond the dictionary of adjectives and after learning that the record is at hand, did not hesitate in making his umpteenth hat-trick to total 234.

Curiosities of life was the Granada that saw Messi, very reluctantly, spray the mark of a former player his. 'The Flea', a name he received for his smallness and their beaks, signed a triplet swell did nothing more than a career day. In a match where the Andalusians equalized from 2-0 and they finished scoring three goals in the Nou Camp (5-3), the Argentine soccer magnanimously decided again with a goal, the second under his belt, the third in the Barcelona and features that will become, eventually, a living legend before signing the third, two minutes from time. Messi does not score goals because, plasma art. And shows his mastery of a craft that his boots prestige. Today the club sleeps five points behind Real Madrid and will always mean the same thing, but Cesar Rodriguez, wherever you are, be proud, so proud, the only player to have had the courage to score more goals than him. From today, Messi is infinite.

Then, 222 goals (from 2005 to the beginning of 2012) of the 234 scored by Messi. Missing the last, as the three at the Granada , but worth it.

Santiago Segurola in the Country (2006) | Protecting a genius
Photo | Cadena Ser
Video | DailyMotion

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