Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Madrid creates an unnecessary war

Villarreal - Real Madrid

The Real Madrid lived quiet with a lead of ten points in the league that left her apparently doomed. A week later, the landscape has changed considerably. The setbacks in two games that should have won - that of being at home Málaga and Villarreal against an opponent to be very down-at-have reduced the advantage with FC Barcelona to six points. Given that missing ten games, including the Camp Nou, you can not say another thing: there league.

And there league because Madrid has determined that there is. Because what the Malaga on Sunday was an accident: while not a great performance, received the equalizer in the last minute, having failed many times that normally do not forgive. But the atmosphere last night at El Madrigal smelled burnt beforehand, and Mourinho and company were responsible for pouring gasoline in case.

Madrid was in a privileged position with eight points. Even with the six still is now. There is no need to go to parties with this excitement of which they themselves are the first victims. Madrid has plenty of football matches to get ahead without having to resort to the much-touted epic parties and trivotes locked. That's fine for when you are the pursuer and need to find different paths. But in your situation, the only goal should be to keep the path that made you get where you are.

Trivote, messages of concern

There was no need for trivotes, but clearly it is something recurrent Mourinho after a stumble. However, in the first half against Villarreal has again been shown that overcrowding in the midfield holding a party does not warrant or attack you less. Even when it is muscle. What was the Barn? He gained prominence in the Cup back at the Camp Nou, where Madrid played his best minutes of the Mourinho era. We thought we had finally found the way, but over the weeks we have seen how gradually the Portuguese coach has returned to his beliefs. The last head was that of Kaka.

But it is wise to rectify, and we must recognize that Mourinho was able to react quickly. We had not come to rest and I was responsible for removing a wild Lass and on the verge of expulsion. The fact Alley was replaced by a recognition that the trivote was not a good idea, and showed thereafter, Madrid with a much stronger and dominant.

He advanced in the second half with a great goal from Cristiano Ronaldo, who had his team on his shoulder, in association with a Özil leaving a heel support worthy of museum. But with five minutes with a Madrid that was pushed back, the ghost reappeared Sunday at the hands of a Marcos Senna who became a free-kick that Casillas clearly eats his stick.

The referee as an excuse for my mistakes

From there, madness. Mourinho to the street had previously been expelled Rui Faria, Sergio Ramos on the next play, and Ozil applaud him for college. Christian gestures of "theft" and insulting the collegiate Pepe end in the tunnel. Real, with unworthy behavior, says the college to mask their mistakes and fears. In a match where the referee, and was more or less successful, is not involved at all in the score-no at least to the detriment of whites. Yes it is true that in that final stretch the game got out of hand, but then to report their performance as a robbery, there is a big difference. All this only serves to highlight the tremendous fear that Real Madrid has to lose its advantage. A totally irrational fear and that is infused from the technical decisions. It may have taken the draw of Malaga as an accident, but in failing wanted to make a mountain out of a molehill, and as a result was mounted an unnecessary war in Castellón.

This is not a matter of points, a six is still a fantastic booty-but of inertia. While the club is finding his best pitch facing the final stretch, the Madrid is far from that version that swept back in devastating February. A little over a month is often said, Neither lost ten points Madrid or Barca win all that remain. Now it seems the opposite. The Madrid may fail to gain those ten points, and has left four and is visiting the Kingdom of Navarre, Vicente Calderon, San Mamés, Camp Nou and receive at Valencia, and it seems likely that a clear rise Barca win everything that is, if the hard frame of the Champions permits.

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