Tuesday, 27 March 2012

League Two: football second goal of the first

This week we will review more concise than usual on the last day of the League Two to focus on two real screamers that no one should miss. As for the classification, leader Deportivo is even more at home after beating Cordoba (2-0 and 11 th straight victory in the impregnable Riazor) and take all his pursuers punctured, with the exception of Valladolid (1-4 to Numancia) : Hercules lost at home to bottom club Nastic (1-3 and first time winning two straight games Tarragona), Almeria did not exceed 2-2 in Las Palmas and Celtic equalized late in Huesca (1 -1).

It was matched in the hand and Galicia where they scored the first goal we want to emphasize (the title of this post). The artist is Joan Thomas and its splendid shot from his back to goal. The merit of the goal, besides the exquisite execution, is how quickly Joan Thomas improvises a solution to the ball that comes from a rebound, as the chest control that indicates that you have decided what to do. A goal spectacular.

The second goal that deserves a separate chapter as we saw in the victory over Murcia B Villarreal (2-0). Yellow Submarine apprentices went ahead on 53 minutes thanks to a good free-kick from Luke Porcar. But the goal is really good the second, Gerard Bordas. Pick up a ball in their field and the only mounted a counterattack just unbelievable ending with a petroleum jelly from the edge of the area.

After the goal by Bordas I invite you to see another very similar, I think even better. I speak of a marked him as Roy Makaay at Montpellier when he wore the shirt of Deportivo, in those years that the Champions League had established headquarters in La Coruna. Look, compare and opinad.

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