Monday, 26 March 2012

Jimenez says yes


Just over a month writing a few lines in this blog where defined sense of despair that had settled in La Romareda. And for good reason: the team wandered for the championship, linking defeats, ridiculous and monumental ranting coach Manolo Jimenez, who starred in one of the hottest news conferences and fleeting to be remembered in all tilefish. "No half measures, I feel shame," ruled the Andalusian.

The hands were colistas championship, 11 points adrift of safety. And although mathematically the decline had not been confirmed, virtual footballing no doubt. The best thing that could happen to Zaragoza was to step back, to, later, to take two forward. What is certain is that on the green baize hung more pessimism about the environment even in the stands, where the scarves are focusing on the same: Agapito Iglesias.

A month after the sun has risen in Zaragoza. Remain in the relegation zone, yes. But they have managed to rehire salvation so commendable. May not have the most competitive workforce in its history, nor the most powerful of the League, but also does not have bad players. Postiga, Luis Garcia, Roberto goal ... and others who probably have not met expectations. Moreover, in winter, besides Jimenez and others came Apoño determinant.

The midfielder, who had his ups and downs with Pellegrini in Malaga, calling at La Romareda to become one of the stalwarts of the team, something that is achieved in the past few weeks, when the reaction blanquilla is becoming a reality. His were two of the three goals that his team endorsed to Valencia at the Mestalla and their boots born on goal from the penalty spot and in minute 94, on Sunday gave the victory to Zaragoza against Atletico Madrid.

Now, the stay is 6 points. It remains a considerable gap, but for someone who is presumed dead and has been able to cut five, is the perfect shortcut to the exit face of the maze. Has matched the Sporting and Racing and at first was a pipe dream has turned into credible. Until the discourse has changed: "The kids deserve it all, I do not know what to do until the end. They can not be blamed if anything give everything. " Jimenez says yes.

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