Monday, 19 March 2012

In the end it's all a state of mind

Messi Cristiano

It had been thirty days of the new year and Real Madrid had placed seven points ahead of Barcelona in what was becoming a distance and considerable but not insurmountable. However, among the FC Barcelona there was much disappointment after seeing the rival Zaragoza a 3-1 win while his team Villarreal equalized to zero. It's been just over one and a half and this difference has increased in addition to a point within seven days, or whatever it is, seven times to reduce the cushion of points. However, despite this, today sees a small slit Barcelona where you can see a little hope to contend for the league to Madrid, why do today if more than a month ago seemed impossible? You may have something to do with the fact that Barcelona comes to winning in Seville while Madrid has lost points in the visit of Malaga . This time they have cut points. Valdano said it best: football is a mood.

I would repeat arguments regarding that post where I said that seven points were nothing, because there is still a long way to go to a competition in between as demanding as the Champions League. Barca have to win it all and give Madrid too, but I suppose in Barcelona, ​​whatever they say in a press conference, still retain the hope of lifting the league, however minute. It is also good news that the day 27 has some excitement in a competition that seem so defined the first three places.

Football is a state of mind is reflected not only in the top two. A post below we see a firm occupied Valencia and impassive third from distant day 12, and yet on the whole Emery is always with criticism and doubt . On the other hand believes, mistakenly, that the Athletic Athletic Bielsa and Simeone are doing a great season, and yet both are outside the European places. I do not think that Valencia has a very superior to Bilbao and Madrid. They have a Soldier, but they also have to Llorente and Falcao, and Adrian, Muniain, Diego, Ander Herrera, Juanfran, Javi Martinez ... This might be explained by the novelty of seeing both teams Atletico working well with their new coaches, while Valencia has a long history already installed in the third position of the hand of an Emery which is already four seasons in front of the club che.

The mood sometimes prevents us to see the perspective guided by feelings, need not be a bad thing: otherwise we would be machines, and these comings and goings is also what makes football great.

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