Friday, 23 March 2012

Fool's Champions

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Hardly visible, but beyond the haze of the horizon bicefalia hide where eighteen other contestants fight for their goals, and away from the first two peaks. Equality is notoriously difficult to discern as if they are the teams that do not meet regularly as necessary or is the very competition that encourages such a distribution of points. I guess there's a bit of everything. Among the most advanced, some are a surprise, because no one expected his presence in the public area at this point, while others are expected and also lack any that has not come to the event as Villarreal. The goal is no small thing: the third and fourth place giving access to the Champions League.

It seemed that the third name was already assigned as the Valencia seemed to be half a step ahead of the rest, but the irregularity of recent days has allowed the chasing pack approaching. Thus, the Levant and Malaga, ranked fourth and fifth, are now three points, with 44 accumulated. Emery's team, occupying the square from the twelfth day, will fight for something that was taken for granted and was not deprived of merit. The team che, although it might have advanced in the Champions League in a group with Genk, Leverkusen and Chelsea at peak times, is doing in general a good season, Barcelona could only send them out of the Cup and are completing a good performance in the Europa League.

Rooms are neighbors Ciutat de Valencia, who after a great start to the season with an unexpected lead found including mid-season slump that forced him to stop to change the wheel, but once again the path, the Levant has picked up again rate and accumulated four wins in five games. Difficult task of entering the Champions League, but why not? Although Europe is now entering a deserved reward for a team that is exceeding all expectations.

And speaking of good runs we can not ignore the Malaga Pellegrini's team has also accumulated four wins in their last five games they have led him to fifth place tie with the room. Malacitano team away from home has improved in recent days and their classification as being grateful. After a great investment, Sheikh Malaga expects to see walk through Europe next season, and if listening to the tune of the Champions League, the better. But: will have to find the classification with the significant drop in Toulalan, injured for the remainder of the campaign.

The group closes the eurozone is the Espanyol, who has frequented the continental positions all season and whose coach has put together a good team dressed in the winter with the talented Coutinho. The parakeets are other strong candidates to join the group will tour Europe next year, but the Champions League seems a difficult goal. Seventh is one of the big surprises, an Osasuna live away from the problems of decline and with 40 points, the same as Espanyol, is one step to certify the stay, the primary objective. From there, whatever comes. Difficult to repeat what it did years ago when Aguirre left the Navarrese in fourth place.

Eighth and ninth are Atletico and Athletic with 39 and 37 points respectively. Two teams that have been talked long and hard in recent months but not just found sufficiently regular league to storm the European places, perhaps distracted by the Champions League and in the case of Athletic Cup are aspiring to be next year in the continental showpiece, but we have to check what state are so when they reach the last days of two teams that are usually using the same 12/13 players in all matches. Athletic primarily seek access to the Champions League as Europe has secured the Cup, do you focus on the two knockout tournaments?

Another team that walks the heights is the Ray, level on points with Athletic, far from marking a decline Racing with 24 points. Like Osasuna, which certified since the main objective may think of other dimensions. Also noteworthy Sevilla of Michel, who has been an upward trend in recent days and accumulating 36 points. That has made it a condition for renewal of entry into Champions speaks clearly the objective of the club, and if the good run continues and the above points are yielding nothing is ruled out. Computer has. Finally mention to Mallorca and Getafe, who with 36 points are classified to four of the sixth.

Altitude sickness, the state of a key in the conference or the presence of some other competitions will be issues to consider facing the third place, with direct access to the Champions League, fourth, always uncomfortable with the previous and the two Europa League places. As the fight for the championship has regained the excitement, the struggle for European places is hot yet to be defined and several candidates. Yes, there league.

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