Friday, 16 March 2012

Do you think there will be Spanish final in Munich?: The question of the week in Football Notes

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As you know, this morning held the draw for the Champions League , leaving even the established crossings. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona would not be a hypothetical faces until the end, but first have to fight with rivals that do not make things easy. While in the Barca side have a greater number of tough opponents in Madrid next opponent is in theory easier (Apoel), but also the most fearsome (Bayern).

Do you think there will be Spanish final in Munich?

It is our question of the week. What is your hunch? Do you think we have a historic final between Madrid and Barcelona in Munich? Do you think will be eliminated by a rival in particular? What do you consider the strongest rival to prevent a hypothetical Spanish final? On the other hand, would you like that were the case or do you think would cause too many problems? Respóndenes to all these questions in our Notes section Football Responses .

Last week's answer: What three players aged over 23 would you take to the Olympics ?

We wanted to know last week, to which three players over the age of 23 years to llevariais Olympics . In general, you have all agreed to keep the group and convene Mata, Adrian and Javi Martinez. In fact, just think Daniel Olmos, author of the answer that I liked:

Mata, Adrian, Javi Martinez. Mainly because they are the three strongholds of the selection this past summer won the UEFA European Under-21 and I have won. Also, season three is being more than magnificent and have endorsed the first row in equipment quality and leadership.

But only would the two of them surely have to bend with the Euro (if not all three), but I think every athlete considers Olympics as an event unique and special.

Also, I think the group should be maintained, and that these three positions must be occupied by young players who have just cease to be sub-21 and are not "alien" elements to the group, however good it is.

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