Thursday, 22 March 2012

The desire to Madrid

Mourinho shadow

After such a long stick that has been the man in recent days, today Lotina be a happy man: he was probably already having found a gap between the bench top, but also start a tie at Real Madrid was a dream debut. The problem is that no one now talks about football, his bad luck. The menu today is seasoned with arbitration, expulsions, alleged theft and penalties do not pitados. And they say that Mourinho does not recognize the merits of the rival, but who does? If no one speaks today of what he did for Villarreal! They talk about the amorality and the perfidy of the white club, turning every questionable act in a hunt. It is an indisputable fact: at Madrid he wants.

That explains why each answer those who ask irrational reasoning when Madrid skips the script right, exaggerating everything to infinity. Cristiano Ronaldo was criticized for talking about theft and request a hard punishment. Equally reprehensible is that those players who show great aid to the end everything is the same: to question the cleanliness of the competition. They also call the head of Pepe for insulting the referee. Unfortunately, look what you ... finally new demand a return to the historical values ​​of the club, those who before were related to Franco and used at the whim as a weapon.

At Madrid he was the party of the hands, Sergio Ramos should have more self-control, Rui Faria, good trainer, it seems that costs keep your mouth shut, if you know about yesterday, but his own is not normal . Yes, everything that was wrong, but anyone who watched the game would not believe as you say that yesterday gave Real Madrid a coup in El Madrigal. And do not blame Mourinho: it comes from afar. No need to go beyond the year of Pellegrini and 300 million in signings had a worrying climate inimical to Real Madrid. This has coincided with the heyday of Barcelona, ​​which gives further strength to the detractors. The opportunity they were waiting.

However, he must Mourinho is an issue few days ago I wrote a few lines about those coaches who knew how to gain the commitment of the workforce , but also has its downside: they continue to coach for better and for worse, for that some players of Real Madrid have plotted with the referee when things go wrong. Wanted or not is something that is turning against him, because like yesterday referees to the field will not inclined to spend. Normal: they are playing the moral and what is not every other week morals week as well. These days must be quite difficult for a referee to abstract from all the talk about them and their mistakes. On behalf of all.

But yesterday there was no robbery, lucky for Real Madrid that he was not beep any other penalty that the first time, so it has little to complain about. Yes there was some understandable trivote against a team on the verge of decline (after criticism gave gamers, now you have stepped back to automatic) or an error of Casillas in goal from Senna (this step right). Here no one is blameless. Now I think you're missing the measure of things when talking about the white team.

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