Thursday, 22 March 2012

Celtic-Depor, a kidnapped derby

Celtic Coach Riazor
On November 13 Deportivo La Coruna and Celta de Vigo see their faces again after nearly five years without it. It had to be in League Two, at the worst time in decades Galician football. Finished off the match 2-1 in favor of herculinos thanks to a goal of Lassad. But what is supposed to be the biggest football party Galicia, was very far from it. The violent minorities out of love annihilated any possibility that the relationship between the two clubs take the path of brotherhood instead of hate and confrontation.

Several buses of Celtic, both the team as some of the displaced fans to A Coruña, were subjected to various rain of projectiles (stones, bottles, etc.), which meant that the police were forced to make several charges to disperse mass violently. Then during the match, after the provisional equalizer Celtic fans, located in a corner upstairs, threw objects (pieces of seats, etc.) to the bottom tier. Therefore, the Sports Federation of Peñas has encountered a difficult problem: any bus company is willing to rent a fleet to the displacement of sportsmanship to Balaídos.

Based on the foregoing, any transportation company dares to be at risk. Even being the Peñas Federation itself that is responsible to contract insurance. Because the problem is no longer about who is responsible for arranging pay more than likely damage, but also worry, of course, the time that buses should have stopped while performing other duties and bureaucratic expertise.

No fleet of buses, how to see the games from A Coruna Vigo? The private car travel is discouraged by the absolute impossibility of being able to organize an arrival to the stadium with all the necessary security. The other alternative is the train, mode of transportation used by the Riazor Blues in the past. But this option even more concerned because the train station in Vigo is over Balaídos mile, which is an impossible distance to cover by the police. In the past the Deportivo fans even came to be attacked from the windows of the buildings that went their way.

Furthermore, the communications department of Celtic fans have been advised to buy tickets Herculina only 1,500 package gives you officially Depor (a whopping 30 euros each, as unfortunately did Depor in the way) avoiding, therefore, travel to Vigo (or pull olívicas friends) to purchase tickets directly for any other industry Balaídos stadium than the delimited for visiting fans. And also recommends branquiazuis not bearing the shirt on your computer or any other symbol, such as scarves, flags, etc., identifying them as sportsmanship.

What a shame! Shame What a bitch! Where we had to go! For a few who fight, assault and death threats in the online forums ... not so few that insult, despise and make fun of the dead rival ... An incomprehensible hatred, unwarranted and unjustifiable, which goes against the values ​​of sport and brotherhood between sister. For which we must pay for the sins.

We learn from our mistakes. Neither the good example of others, such as the Basques or, especially, of Seville, just a few years that have passed from the fraternity violence. Will someone have to die, a player, an amateur, who is, for most civic step forward and order the violent minority? I love to go down to Vigo on Sunday 15 with my shirt and Bluegill my wool scarf, Vigo breakfast and then go to Balaídos to encourage my team and share with my brothers both teams celtiñas Galician our way to First. And after the game to stay and eat there, a steak in a good barbecue, or go for tapas in the helmet hair ... But I can do, like I could not make a Vigo to A Coruña. Not without waking up with an eye back, afraid to bump into a bunch of brainless.

Both clubs have called for calm and Celtic host the derby, it is deeply concerned about security. Who may have his advice to fans branquiazuis they consider exaggerated, but, of course, all they want is to avoid any unpleasant situation. And so have many former players and other respected personalities: trying to defuse tension.

What does not help are statements such as Iago blades. In an interview with COPE Galicia said that "if I had a girlfriend of A Coruña, we should change it." It's just silly, but you could save well. Especially when none other than he was the one who lit the fuse before the derby in November with other controversial words in which said his best memory of a Celtic-Depor was a kick Tristan Vagner. I repeat, is just a silly brat, but does nothing to improve the environment, but quite the opposite. When he talks should think more about the Celtic and Galician football and less on being a hero and martyr of his gang of antideportivistas.

What a pity! Another missed opportunity for the Galician football. A football team has no First and only two in the Second. With teams in major cities (Lugo, Pontevedra, Ourense, Compostela, Ferrol ...) bagando by Segunda B, third or even that. And in this bleak picture, the only two major teams, have the luxury of being fought between them because of their ultras. While not expel, or at least our own acallemos troglodytes, and continue with the Galician derby kidnapped.

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