Monday, 19 March 2012

Cazorla shakes hands with Barcelona

Everything seemed sentenced to 90 minutes of the game. Real Madrid had closed a result which gave 3 new career points for the cup, however, no one could foresee that the Malaga achieved tie at 92 'from the hand of a spectacular free kick from Cazorla. The end result, a tie for both teams and a happy smile for Barcelona.

Thus, the table gives two important merengue at home and reduce the gap with rivals. The Barcelona Cazorla should thank for the help this weekend, and although the mattress is 8 points leader yet, there is no doubt that the following dates will be a heart attack.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The match between Real Madrid and Malaga had the top seed to table merengue, who had succeeded in the first leg defeat your opponent by 4 points to 0. This result was imagining a bulky marker at the Bernabeu but the thing has been very different and in the end the main beneficiary has been the picture of Pep.

This week the club will have to measure forces with Granada while Madrid will do the same against Villarreal. The league keeps getting more exciting.

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