Friday, 16 March 2012

Abidal will have to play a second part of its vital game

Éric Abidal, FC Barcelona side and the French team, you need a liver transplant. A year ago, when it was detected a cancerous mass (and had surgery on it), it was announced that the evolution of the disease might require a liver transplant. That time has arrived and the Gallic player must undergo surgery in the coming weeks.

The news has brought a jug of cold water in a template that misfortune follows him. First was the Abidal itself a year ago and subsequently in November, he was diagnosed with a tumor in the parotid gland to the second technical, Tito Vilanova, to which must be added the long-term low Afellay, Villa and Fontás. A host of ills can be overcome only through the union of the team.

Last season, good old Abi faced the first part of the game of his life. And won, if won go! Just a couple of months later, he started the final of the UEFA Champions League Barcelona played at Wembley against Manchester United. In a move that has already gone down in history of sport, the captain handed the armband Puyol Abidal and let him who lifted the trophy to the world that made ​​them champions of Europe.

Now the club, once again, is confronted with a problem that is far above any other matter. Meanwhile, the world does not stop, you have to keep playing, competing, winning, for the same reasons as always and one more: that a fellow can not play with them because they have to play another game much more important. When you win, return to a costume which is more than one member.

As to the worst there is always something good to take, the good part of this story is that a bad ingratiates himself somewhat with this world of football so polluted to see that all without exception (players, coaches, fans ...), leave aside their colors to send encouragement to Eric Abidal. Here at Football Notes , are not less, so from this small balompédico riconcito the universe, we send all our support and best wishes to Eric Abidal and his family. Come back soon, Abi!

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