Saturday, 8 October 2011

When Spain get serious ...

Since we won the European Championship and, above all, the World Cup, the Spanish team in lides costing less motivated as the friendly, which has caused a number of discussions of the most absurd. But when it comes to the truth when it comes to competing in an official match, Spain will get serious. And when Spain get serious, there is no rival who did not feel some grief and then up. The Red reached the World with full of victories in the qualifiers, October 10. At the next European Championship is on track: van July 7, leaving only Scotland at home.

Czech National Team, the main contender for the second group, which gives the possibility to play the repechage to qualify for the Euro'12, left more frightened of what might be expected. Keep playing against Spain in their hands the continued reliance on asset itself, a privilege that after tonight's defeat happens to have Scotland. If The Tartan Army wins Liechtenstein morning to climb to second place and will be able to keep if the eighth and final game against Spain achieved the same result as the Czechs do in Lithuania. So, as seen, Michal Bílek and his all to trust the Scots fail to win in Spain.

The Czech Republic began the meeting with a very advanced defensive line. It lasted five minutes, which led him to Spain to make the script of the meeting: The ball is ours, you see. Xavi little later to find a passing lane to uncheck Mata, invisible to the eyes of others, that the new Chelsea player netted overcoming the opposition of his fellow Cech. The first on the forehead. The goal had the same effect on both teams: both felt that gave them reason. Spain and the Czech Republic for the obvious because it confirmed their fears.

Forest in the alignment of players that are mixed in great shape, and Mata, Silva or Arbeloa, with more confidence in need of minutes, as Torres and Albiol. Contrary to the norm in recent times, the starting lineup featured five players from Madrid for only three of the Barca goal, defense and midfield, while the attacking line was formed by our three Englishmen. The midfield trio, Busquets, Xavi Alonso and, dominated the midfield and with it the match and took advantage of the continuous movements of the three above to open the field and playing and playing and playing ...

Accompanied by Xavi and Busquets, Xabi Alonso does not lose camber, but the opposite: it grows. Having people who really know how to play around the Tolosa is enlarged, appears throughout the width of the field, always with an eye the other end, looking for those changes in direction that no one does like him, but Spain also has colleagues with whom they mix in short, move and play and play again. In games like this, the first feeling you feel is it is a pleasure to watch. And the second is uneasiness about not being able to see more often in good company on your computer.

Silva and Mata were brought to the big moment Stadion Letná who are living in England. The canary has taken a year to catch the rhythm English, but once the point has caught the inventors of this game, is love. No wonder, it is possible, with Özil, the best European player playing between the lines. The Spaniard, an attacker with more reprix former teammate Silva, it seems that has not needed much time to find a way to make a difference in his new club. Same happened to Cesc and Alonso, as more and more games to play in England, Silva and Mata will become different players, better players. And thus will greatly benefit Red, because it is enriched with products that do not grow well in Spain.

On the other side of the coin is Fernando Torres. El Niño will put but could not find the path to goal. Only once had a tame header and centered to center Mata. But what can not be denied is that working hard for, while looking out of the tunnel in which it is put, little things make the team. Fell to ambasbnadas on several occasions, both to give the ball out to make room for the second line. And in one of the latter, right wing, caused a small uproar Silva took advantage to sneak up the side of the area and serve with the exterior and a classy pass from death to the Madrid Alonso did not miss.

The 0-2 Terminate the game at all levels. Spanish midfielder he was slowing down the ball and the Czechs asleep until it was resting. After the break was little noteworthy, we found that Casillas was around, Spain did something wrong and Pique and Puyol were to meet again as a partner in an official match. The most striking image of the second half was a creepy Hübschman entry for Alonso, with the studs in front and the height of the knee that sent directly to the locker room Tolosa. The Czech repented at the time, but the red even seems little punishment for what could have been Spanish. After that, a shot deflected by a Javi Martinez met with the defense bar and nothing else. In retrospect, simple game for Spain, against an opponent who was too afraid and who did not leave emboldened by two goals in twenty minutes.

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