Monday, 24 October 2011

What we left the Copa America 2011

The 2011 edition of the Copa America left us a special flavor. On the one hand, the failure of the favorites Brazil and Argentina host who reminded us that it is the extraordinary roster of players, the technician's work is fundamental and irreplaceable.

Failure in Brazil

Brazil showed no jogo bonito, and dragging the ugly stage with Dunga as coach. With Menezes tried to be more offensive, but without clarity and a defense that was leaking.

Meanwhile, Argentina with Batista as coach was disappointing from head to toe. Despite its luxury attackers was never caught on a collective rather than individuals.

Deception Argentina

It has therefore been more than fair Uruguay's victory in the tournament. Celeste was simply the best choice. Unlike football leagues above, never lost their courage, and all worked jointly as a unified and strong.

Gloria Uruguayan

The famous Uruguayan grip was seen once again proving that the fourth place obtained in the last World Cup in South Africa was no matter of chance but a sustained work. It also has two large props like Luis Suarez and Diego Forlan, important both in the final as in previous meetings. To give you an idea they have a video .

In no time his final opponent, ie Paraguay, was at his height. The game petty and without virtuosity of the Guarani bill will pass, and neither the traditionally strong defense was able to make a difference. Sorry for the 'Tata' Martino, who raised the wrong party. Uruguay won the title number 15 in the Copa America, and as they may be emerging as a resurgent power of soccer in South America, after being overshadowed for years by Brazil and Argentina are now in decline.

We can not fail to mention the surprises of the tournament. On one side was Peru , which finished in third position, and may even give more. Without the presence of its most media Farfan and Pizarro, who put the team on his shoulder were Guerrero and Vargas, very outstanding performances as Chiroque slaughtered men, one of the best in the Cup

Peruvian Hope

The mentioned Guerrero is in the crosshairs of big European clubs then establish itself as the top scorer of the tournament. Peruvian defense was also very efficient ... all thanks to the arrival of the able coach Sergio Markarian.

Impossible to avoid in Venezuela, with a more sustained than Peru (takes more time with his coach Farias) also managed to be recognized as one of the best teams. A great improvement is experienced by the Vinotinto, and Arango veterans have joined the strikers Miku Fedor, Rondon and midfielder Rincon. If one of the Cinderellas of the Latin American football, have surprised and wanting more.

Venezuelan Evolution

Two selections from which much was expected, namely Colombia and Chile, they stumble in games 'accessible' in theory. And the guests of the CONCACAF, Mexico and Costa Rica, just did not measure up.

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