Friday, 21 October 2011

Tragicomedy in San Mamés


was the first time that the Red Bull Salzburg was visiting the Cathedral, and as necessary provided that someone made his debut at San Mamés, Gustaffson, Captain of the Austrian set, climbed the stairs of the Colosseum rojiblanco to perform the traditional wreath to the bust of Pichichi with Iraola. Previously known as SV Casino Salzburg had never before played in Bilbao, and to be its premiere, did it nothing wrong. In a game of crazy mix of sensations became evident with two completely opposite times, where the visitor set moved up on two occasions and where in the end, and with one player on the Green, by Bielsa could trace.

The final draw is bittersweet, but unimaginable in the rest. The Salzburg surprised Athletic Club with two goals on a night where the locals took control of the ball, but returned to err on the side of affection in defence. Only thus be explained that the men of Ricardo Moniz prejudged in the electronic to the surprise of the shining. But before, attempted Muniain, of frames or Javi González, although deal constantly with the Porter opposite. Llorente, paid to solitude, nor found spaces, nor centres from the flanks that provoke fear in the rival. In a couple of cons, Iraizoz conceded two goals.

Leonardo, a player that initially excelled in the Eredivisie, stole the ball in the center of the field to Llorente, named pressure, saw the hole and gave it to Wallner, who hit rasa that do not come the rojiblanco goal. The goal, and never better, gave wings to the Red Bull, which didn't find again the local area. Leonardo, taking advantage of his speed and technique, won the game to the defense, threw a wall with Wallner and defined with his left foot to the stretched inútil de Gorka. Between 0-1 and 0-2 Llorente had the ranked, but desacertó. And as luck ran the headbutt that stopped Gustaffson minutes after the second, shortly before reaching the rest.

At the resumed tragicomedy reached its apogee. Not because the meeting was life or death for Bielsa, but by how events that point were to return the marker occurred. Gabilondo entered by Ekiza, then jumped by Iraola Ander Herrera and was the former zaragocista who made sting the collegiate with a setback in the area which was identified as penalty. Llorente not forgave and cut distances from eleven metres. Among the changes of the Salzburg highlighted Lindgren entry, not because of the importance of its eleven Moniz contest, but because starred in the action that caused the local ranked.

Was missing a little more than one quarter of an hour for the conclusion, Athletic started to believe and the aforementioned Lindgren wanted to demonstrate that as well as midfielder, he can dress goalkeeper if necessary. The problem is that he headed a ball in the area with both hands in a snapshot spectacular and quite improper in a level playing field. It soon took to blaming Amorebieta because pushed you, but the reality is that it ended up expelled and a penalty against his team. Llorente returned to mislead Al cancerbero and placed the tables in the absence of ten minutes.

The shock, who minutes earlier had uphill block Bielsa, he went on to have it reach the hands. Numerical superiority, with the spirit by clouds, San Mamés tried to spur to theirs. Even entered which is never lacking in him celebrations, Toquero, but with just five minutes to give the chime. It was not possible, but in the end in a match that could have ended in defeat and later in victory, Athletic added a point. Enough to continue to lead Group F with three points cushion over PSG, tied to anything before Slovan and adds the same as the rival last night of the Bilbao.

Photo | Athletic Club

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