Monday, 31 October 2011

Ten days after Wei Xiao can watch Real Madrid

Xiao Wei is a dunce, fool, moron, like a shower ... At least that's what they say, neighbors, friends and family. No one understands. Wei's good works Monday to Saturday, 12 hours a day in a factory that is two hours by bicycle from home. Until only a few months spent Sunday, the one day off a week to eat with friends and spend the day with his family in a local neighborhood. But since August, every Sunday, a couple of hours after eating, pick up his bike and not return until it is dark. What happens is that Xiao Wei is a fan of Real Madrid and runs 25km every Sunday bicycle to approach a nearby town, much bigger than yours, where there is a bar that relay the Spanish League matches.

And of course, ends up totally frustrated Wei home because I always end up watching a game between teams that barely sound or, directly, or know. No sign of Christian and Casillas and Xabi Alonso. He goes every Sunday to the bar, without fail, to see if, finally, you see a party of his beloved Real Madrid, however, goes home disappointed and trying to remember who was the team that went from red and white and who was the blue ... But this week are in luck. He does not know yet because it has no way of knowing, but on Sunday, finally, you can see his Real Madrid. Nine weeks later, having had to eat an Atletico Osasuna, a Betis-Mallorca, Getafe-Ray, a Mallorca-Real Sociedad, a Royal Society-Athletic Club, Rayo-Espanyol, Betis-Ray and a one-Sporting Athletic Club, at last! will be able to see a Real Madrid-Osasuna.

Xiao Wei has no idea who pajolera Jose Luis Astiazaran. If we could talk to him would have to tell you that Astiazarán holds the position of president of the Professional Football League, but actually lives in dance for the water to the bosses of the TV. We should say that instead of worrying about Spanish football for their clubs, players and fans, what does such Astiazarán is to gain favor with the billionaire owner of television rights to do what they dictate from their offices. And we could not stop telling you what to put Premier League football on Sundays at 12 am Spanish time, so that over 2.5 billion potential viewers called the Asian market could see the Spanish teams which follow the Far East, was nothing more than a milonga.

Thanks to Astiazarán and de facto leaders, Wei has already seen three times the Ray and two Betis, Mallorca or the Royal Society. But it helps to remember God and would cost more than two or three names of players and hard, the stand at his real team. Merengón Xiao Wei was when he saw a couple of games for Real Madrid of Zidane, Beckham, Raul ... and knows well that its biggest rivals are the Catalans of Barcelona and Valencia knows or Sevilla, they are the teams that, as read in the press and heard on the radio, have been fighting these years with his beloved Real Madrid for the first positions in the Spanish League. But if you take it out of there, you lose. And not for lack of interest, not because he cares about the other clubs in Spain. It is simply that he has no idea who pajolera because I never heard of them and if it has, has been so obliquely past or that it is impossible to remember them.

On Sunday, at last, you see a League match BBVA that really interests you, you do not end up resulting in a waste of time. After ten weeks, you can go home and when you are with the inquisitive eyes of his family finally have something to tell. What I do not know is that, most likely, is that in the remainder of the season, at best, will return to Madrid to play a game or two at the time that is supposedly dedicated fans like him. Totally disillusioned and end up wanting to catch this guy and tell Astiazarán a couple of things. That, at least, any fan will look Spanish.

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