Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Silva path

Spain had no mercy on the thousands of Scottish fans who had moved to Alicante, hoping that his selection back the day machada and achieve before the world champions a place in the play-off UEFA EURO 2012. But they were defeated by 3-1 in a duel in which our people crazy gave no option to his opponent. The Czech Republic, who did the homework before Lithuania, will be where to enjoy a second chance to be in Poland and Ukraine the next summer.

With the reassurance of having become a party in official competition pending, Vicente Del Bosque took the opportunity to experiment. Debuted Jordi Alba on the left side, the position more doubts creates us face to the euro, and did so with good note while on the defensive side was not practically work. Today this band seems property of Arbeloa, but more the lack of a strong candidate than by anything else. With Jordi Alba, there are other few soccer players for this position cooking simmered, like José Angel, Didac Vilà or José Enrique. We'll see which one makes more merit throughout the season to win a ticket to the UEFA European Championship.

still doing them very well, but to be, it is David Silva. Against Scotland, Del Bosque he used it as a fake nine, and it responded to thousand wonders. The city was as a mobile wall in front of the Spanish attack, in which his teammates supported that this return to first touch, always on foot, always the best option. It also demonstrated that it has goal, first looking for the first stick to top it off, as it would a good striker. Later, looking for the gap between the Scottish legs to subtly put the spherical in the suit along McGregor, having disposed of a rival defense on a wall with Peter. And if outside little, put the icing his performance with what was better gives: giving goals. In this case, the privileged was David Villa, to make his 50 goal with Spain.

A few weeks ago, following an interview in which Silva claimed to feel with a secondary role in the selection, I wondered if were with him. Your general response was that Silva is very good, but has no place in the eleven. Personally, I refuse to believe it. Not me I bassus in their match against Scotland, or the last Friday before the Czech Republic. Me I bassus in a trajectory that goes clear emerging since he signed for Manchester City, and that this season reaches its brightest level. Do not use Silva remain at the level that is, it would be a sacrilege even for the best selection of the world. Who would you take? This is already a discussion for another post.

Another novelty in the scheme of the game was the presence of a pivot, Busquets, given the absence of Xabi Alonso. Although the level of the opponent was not sufficient to gauge the appropriateness or not play with only a pivot, not spent struggling. Not while Xavi was on the pitch, helping at the exit of ball. When this had to retire for some inconvenience, the team broke up and Busquets had much more work. It was in that stretch when Víctor Valdés — today debuted as a starter with Spain — committed the penalty in a bad way out, that a posteriori would transform Goodwillie to establish the final 3-1.


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