Thursday, 27 October 2011

Real Madrid up a gear

Mourinho's team has gone through bumps, sometimes irregular wanted for driving and other inevitable along the way. Also found on the road curves and chicanes difficult to maneuver, but has left them and now is in the line where you can upload step up and fully. Faces Real Madrid matches at breakneck speed and has a motor which yielding parts and gear works. Aerodynamics in the form of expedited kickback, is better designed than ever and becomes a dangerous tool to beat the rival. Yesterday, at the Santiago Bernabeu before Villarreal has grown from a GP2 to F1, again demonstrated his excellent run of form with a superb first part was enough to win 3-0 at Yellow Submarine.

And is that ten minutes, the white team was winning 2-0. The locals came out on track soon decided the match three minutes and they were canceled just a header from Sergio Ramos for offside. It was a warning, then a minute later, Di Maria launched a long to the back center of the defense that Benzema took to beat Diego Lopez with quality. While looking behind Di Maria, the Frenchman was looking uncheck. In the second goal, Kaka scored with his left foot from outside the area after a quick combination between Benzema and Argentina, which again gave an assist.

If the Portuguese coach worked the miracle Benzema last year, it is doing that with Kaka, who has even come to be called by the canarinha a year later. Meanwhile, Florentino happy to see millions surrender their bets. The Brazilian played a sublime match in the midfield, where combined and came to the area. For its part, Benzema participate in the game and reach top positions when it believes it's time. A teammate and rival for the post, Higuain, and touched him on the bench turn yesterday. Along with Di Maria, who was on the right side its territory, French and Brazilian were the best of the white team with a Sergio Ramos confirming that theirs is the center.

The party did not join Cristiano Ronaldo, who had the day. It was even good news for Real, who sees the depth in his game depends not only on his inspiration. The white players received the ball and dropped it quickly as if burned in the boots, with constant support and uncheck perfectly executed, leaving nothing to chance, and a clever use of the bands to open holes in the opposing defense. With advanced behind the Madrid played almost the first half hour into rival camps.

Meanwhile, Villarreal tried to be faithful to their style and playing the ball out, which was his virtue and his sentence. And when he could pass from midfield, Rossi was too just to get close to Casillas danger area. Dizzy after twenty minutes, the mother lifts the foot and Villarreal stretched timidly, but any glimmer of hope became a mirage when Di Maria scored the third on a perfectly executed counter-attack from the area itself by Kaka, Benzema and Marcelo, who attended the Argentine to settle the outcome. The effusive celebration of Mourinho revealed that he liked what he saw.

If before the Madrid resorted to the second part to leave the parties sentencing hearing yesterday, as against Malaga, it was enough and dropped the first revolutions in the second, where motor kept following commitments. It came Özil, which is in its best form. Very recently it seemed impossible that Kaka will take the lead. With this victory, the white team is second to a point in the Levant and a surprise on Barcelona, ​​which continues to draw points dull . In the end only one will see the checkered flag first.

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