Monday, 24 October 2011

A great day for Kevin Prince Boateng

It is not the first time that Milan visit the Stadio Via del Mare in Lecce and something happens out of the ordinary. A few months ago we saw an Ibrahimovic at its best, which is not present, pulled out the gun to score a great goal and let circumstances faced Galliani. Same as it would be yesterday when he saw Milan win a match 3-4 3-0 down to rest in a stadium off limits supposed to Rossoneri victory over a decade. Everything seemed to presage a year without celebrations, but then came the figure of Kevin Prince Boateng to score three goals and remind us again that you can rarely give anything for granted in ninety minutes.

Everything takes a touch of heroism, more if possible, if we consider that the Ghanaian football game came on after the break, since Allegri composed an ode to football starting defensive when betting on Van Bommel, Ambrosini and Nocerino in the middle. Ambrosini and Robinho were left unnoticed in the locker room after the fifteen minute break and Aquilani Boateng and jumped into the green, and something changed. It took more than two minutes to warn the African that he wanted to make noise when they chased a ball with his left foot boat soon entered the fleet crossed rival. It was 3-1 and there was still a whole second half.

Only eight minutes later, Cassano left with subtlety ball on the edge of the area that became a Boa Benassi missile would again enter one of their squads. Two goals, one with the right hand and another with his left foot, showing the virtues of the Ghana trip. Yet the result was traced and he was responsible for setting the tables in 63 minutes. It was a great both as above but it was like when he picked up a loose ball inside the area and entered the rival goalkeeper with the ball into the goal. Leaving at halftime and in just 18 minutes, Boateng had managed to tie the game on his best day as Milan.

There were still several minutes to mark the fourth and final Lecce to a bewildered and stunned, but it was hard to get to 83 when the Colombian central Yepes headed in the goal that certified the comeback. In a sad day for Italy by the tragic death of rider Marco Simoncelli , who was saved by a moment of silence and black armbands were carried, Milan, who was renowned follower, managed to break the curse of the Via del Mare and win three points that seemed to escape in a dismal first half. Allegri's team once again proved to be capable of the best and worst.

Boateng, who came quietly from Genoa and was gradually becoming a place last season, is used in the news. I was in South Africa when World, playing with Ghana, faced his brother Jerome, who defended the shirt of Germany. It also covers point topped during the Scudetto celebration when your dancing Michael Jackson Billie Jean went around the world. But the field also makes it deserving of hero, and his hat-trick against Lecce midfielder confirmed their status with great physical deployment and arrival. Some already call Kevin King Boateng.

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