Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Chronicles of Terry

Terry Chelsea

Hero, villain and legend. Possibly he never sought to be the good guy, who saves the princess, who solves the case or just the bad. He probably prefer to kidnap the princess, the crime or be the villain. But he has had to be the captain of Chelsea, his emblem, the idol of the fans and who has to transmit the values ​​of the club. As Riddick , suddenly found himself on the side of good habits but have just not quite commendable. In the great game of yesterday match between Chelsea and Arsenal for the Gunners won 3-5, Terry touched again be the hero and villain.

The stands of Stamford Bridge with banners reminding their club legend status, which debuted in 1998. It was not until 2000/01, after being on loan at another club legend as the Nottingham Forest, when entrenched in central defense alongside a myth like Marcel Desailly. When Mourinho arrived at the club in 2004 definitively awarded the captaincy of the club. For no other hobby can master in a league where more committed to wear the armband responsibilities than any other championship. Terry defended the club's colors, which are his, and never wear another shirt has arisen despite receiving offers succulent as the millionaire Manchester City, who offered him 15 million annually.

For England is another story, and other hobbies do not look good with the same eyes with which he observed the swollen blue. After the mess skirts between Terry, his former friend and Mrs. Bridge this, the Chelsea lost the captaincy of the selection. It was an example to follow. Nevertheless it back this year, but who knows how long the bracelet because he is again at the center of criticism for an alleged racist incident Anton Ferdinand, Queens Park Rangers player and brother of Rio, with which many times Terry has shared the center of the rear in the selection.

Innocent until proven otherwise, the captaincy next year's European Championship is in jeopardy. Infidelity, racism ... Terry also saw how his father was arrested for drug trafficking two years ago. As far as the turf has publicly criticized the methods of Fabio Capello and has criticized the excessive hardness which is sometimes used in the field. However, it was sent off for two yellow until 2006, and first saw a straight red in 2008 after winning in front of Jo, then City striker. On the other hand has always been the first to criticize foreigners who come to the Premier with the habit of deceiving the referee, something really bad seen in the Islands.

However, his worst moment came undoubtedly a May 21, 2008, when he played the final of the Champions League against Manchester United, the coveted title of Abramovich also played at home, the Luzhniki in Moscow. Everything seemed set, when in the penalty shootout, the captain would throw the maximum sentence that would give the title to the club. But lady luck turned her back on time so important and resulted in the most inopportune slip in the history of football. The ball went out and Chelsea lost the title after Anelka missed another launch more. It was that time when they were tears in the eyes of John Terry.

At 30 years, central a new milestone in the club with the arrival of the Portuguese coach André Villas-Boas, who is struggling very much back on track the entire district rich in London. In yesterday's game, Terry joined the attack, as so often, and ahead of their own just before the break. However, with the game tied at three goals, a misunderstanding with Malouda, who did not measure either a back pass led to another untimely slip left only Terry Van Persie to score Arsenal's fourth.

Titles with his club, controversial awards as the best defense in Europe or adorn-sporting disputes Terry's biography, which you surely are still a few chapters. Yesterday was just one of a hero who was born to be a villain.

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