Saturday, 8 October 2011

Argentina: connection 'white-Blaugrana' runs over Chile

Leo Messi sent to limbo in Argentina which qualify them as 'disgrace'. From the March 28, 2009, to Venezuela, his devilish speed, incredible dribbling, his marriage to the goal he had suffered a fracture with the albiceleste. Two plus years later, with too many matches behind him, and after seeing how they were dropping like flies Maradona first and then Batista made ​​peace with what is best given the hand of Sabella. His was one of the four goals he endorsed him to Chile Argentina (4-1) Brazil Cup qualifier in 2014 and was also born boots connection 'white-Blaugrana' with Higuain, another went out.

In a framework such as the Monumental, with too many gaps in their stands and a playing field it impracticable touching the striker of Real Madrid and Barcelona hitch brushed perfection and made hoarse to the faithful present. As if they played on the same team forever, '9 'just did not have time to prove his return to the arena is serious. He added in groups of three, as in his last game with white, and as the seventh minute with a pass graph (scandalously measured) Di Maria entrains a win against an opponent not simple pedigree.

Born of his boots that would aid an end to the so-called misfortune. Sixteen games later, the day captaincy premiered official party, Messi pushed the network's Pipit assistance. And after the break, and before you close the gap Matias Fernandez, Real Madrid's resolve at first touch another cross from the sinister side of Di Maria. To complete the party, the Ten took a slice of error Bravo to shoot a wall with Higuain, who again had no compassion. Necessary for a combined victory showed his best, he chose the backlash as a weapon and that entrains your ticket to the next World Cup thanks to his duo antagonist.


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