Friday, 1 July 2011

YouTube will broadcast the 2011 Copa America


In just over 24 hours will start the 2011 Copa America, held in Argentina in its 43 th edition. It will at 02:45 Spanish time when the match is played between hosts inaugural, Argentina, and Bolivia. A shock addition to Canal + League, can be followed over 50 countries through the video site YouTube , which bet heavily on the live broadcast of a major sporting event for the first time.

May continue to be each and every one of the 26 games that will make the tournament from the opening game to the very end, and will do so through a channel that will hang in the reports, summaries, and which can already envision several videos and documentaries in the history of the tournament.

Will 24 days of football to crown a new champion, and all bets are aimed at both Argentina and Brazil, although with a slight advantage for the albiceleste. The morbidity of a possible final between two teams comes from both the revenge of the Argentines lost the last two finals to the Seleção - as in the possible match between the world's best player, Lionel Messi, and many want see-perhaps too prematurely, as his successor Neymar. But not only they who will focus all eyes .

Official Website | Copa America on YouTube

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