Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What is your best memory of the World Cup?: The question of the week Football Notes

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Yesterday Monday, July 11, marked one year since the Spanish made ​​us touch the sky crowned champion in the 2010 World Cup . Andres Iniesta was the moment in which he starred for history with his goal in overtime against the Netherlands, but it would be unfair to forget the goals from Villa in the previous games, Casillas stops, the struggle of Llorente, the direction of Xavi, Pedrito races, Busquets work ... In short, from 23 players to each member of the coaching staff, all contributed their bit.

We want to celebrate the anniversary of the most important day in Spanish football through our Pegunta week, so between all share our memories. Therefore I ask:

What is your best memory of the World Cup?

Which party, player, action or goal you remember most strongly? What time you have been etched in the memory? Where did you live the final? How did you celebrate the victory? As sure most would say Iniesta's goal, we will try to circumvent it in search of greater originality. As always, we ask us in our section contestéis Football Notes Responses .

Last week's answer: What team you think will win the 2011 Copa America?

In the midst of our follow-up of the Copa America , I asked last week what team you think will be proclaimed winner . The best answer chosen by yourselves has been to meckeverest, and I must say that saw the party of Argentina early this morning , the prognosis is not all misguided.

The hostess and Uruguay are the favorites for me. Brazil has quality, but lacks weight players miss in tough games. Argentina do not think staying in the level exhibited in his debut. Go over, or will be disappointed. As a player, Messi.

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