Friday, 29 July 2011

Valencia, a good home for Sergio Canales

sergiocanalesrm.jpg Missing confirmation from Real Madrid and Valencia, but everything indicates it will be a matter of hours completed Sergio Canales loan at all Unai Emery. The data point to a or two -year assignment to ché box, which will take care of your data and will, in turn, a player in full projection and the current champ butler had no place. A good destination for to continue tilling the draft great player a year ago forged Channels Racing Santander, just before the leap , seen apparently in vain, to much of our league.

Canales, who is currently with the combined Sub'20 concentrated in Colombia, where he played the World Cup in that category was very difficult to get into the schemes of Jose Mourinho, who last season and did not give the minutes needed to toughen and become Real Madrid claim. The intention was to continue in Spain Sergio at all costs, even though groups like the French Lille had asked about him. Eventually her wish has come true and one landed in Valencia which also has jurisdiction in a good couple or Piatti.

The only 'but' in your assignment is, as usual in this type of operation, Real Madrid has the clause 'fear', which channels play to prevent the whole being of your property if both cross is in the league, Cup and Champions. At 20, the jewel Santander search the city of Valencia and the opportunities the past year and that it had not prevented him from signings like Sahin, Altintop and even Alley, back to the White House after a flawless stay at Espanyol .

It also sounded, just a few days to Villarreal, who has broken away from Cazorla and looks for an attacking midfielder core and imaginative ability. Whatever your destination, Valencia or Villarreal , both are clubs that are perfectly suited to what channels are looking for. Both Emery and Garrido have always given opportunities to young people, especially if they have the class that the former Racing stated in its year of explosion. You now need to look back and reconnect with the feeling that came to be. Have one, maybe two years to prove and thus return to Real Madrid in a big way.

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