Sunday, 31 July 2011

The untimely injury to Jonathan Soriano

jonathansorianobarcelona.jpg The same day that turned crazy Thiago defenders of Bayern Munich and emerged as the leading man preseason Barcelona , yesterday re-signed a goal in the defeat to Manchester, another player, probably with the same enthusiasm and same will be saying goodbye to a season for him was nothing more than a test. Jonathan Soriano had the misfortune of trying to find a shot and found the Bavarian central Tymoshchuk. Folded and fell they had to bring medical care.

The former jewel of Espanyol will be about a month and a half off the pitch, an unforeseen event that has prevented him from traveling to the U.S. with the rest of the Barça just as her most began to like Guardiola, where he ranked in Audi Cup holder in His injury also could also truncate a possible move to another computer, but the real goal of Soriano this spring was to please and convince the current coach of Barcelona.

With 26 years after being top scorer last term of the Second Division, Bojan Krkic progress and lack of specificity of some of the proposals received, there was talk of Salzburg or-Benfica, had opened the doors first team. With the '21 'on his back, Soriano has shown that the automatic dominated his time at the branch learned, improving movement in attack and doing in each moment what his coach asked. The only thing that has lacked it, as it is striker who has been drilling a goal, something that could be achieved in the American tour, although the circumstances at the end has not been accompanied.

Now the dilemma is accentuated. Does this site Soriano Barça? Personally I think yes, but there's no denying that the competition will be tough, especially after the arrival of Alexis Sanchez. Guardiola was beginning to convince his game and wanted to continue testing with the Catalan forward until they were neither Chilean nor Messi. However, the untimely injury has disrupted the plans of Mr. and player that is not clearly followed in the Barça B and is one to stay and see what happens, or leave, despite being in cotton, a club where they really their assistance is indisputable. The solution soon.

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