Thursday, 21 July 2011

UEFA created the 'Award for Best Player in Europe'


I have never been called too much attention to awards like the Golden Ball Although they are a good recognition, are not nearly as transcendent as any title. At the end of the day, we are talking about individual awards in a sport in which the key is in the collective. It seemed like good news that the Golden Ball and FIFA World Player merge. They rewarded the same, in a short space of time, and the winners often coincide. However, Platini also wants a dose of leadership and a partnership between UEFA and ESM (European Sports Media), was born the award for Best Player in Europe.

What is the difference with the FIFA Golden Ball? Actually, not many. It is noted that the award for Best Player in Europe "will recognize the best player regardless of nationality, who play in a European club in the territory of a member federation of UEFA." And really, is not that what the Golden Ball? The biggest stars playing in Europe, so it seems very complicated, with all due respect, do players deserving of this award playing in a league outside the Old Continent.

What we do is appreciated is to make it clear from the outset that the award will be based on full seasons, not years. As for the Golden Ball is concerned, this issue is always debated. With the award for Best Player in Europe, judged the performances during a season in all competitions, both nationally and internationally, and clubs or teams.

And who will decide? For 53 sports journalists representing the different federations. Each issue 5, 3 and 1 point respectively to each of its three candidates, and the sum of all three will be chosen finalists of this first edition will be announced on July 25 on the website of the UEFA- . The final decision will be a further ballot, whose result will be announced on 25 August, during the group draw for the Champions League in Monaco.

There will be Messi, Christians, Xavi, the Rooneys, the Iniesta and many others. But they will only make an appearance. They do not care if you have to lift or not to collect the prize. That really matter, stand on the pitch in front of thousands of spectators and close to your teammates. Those who have helped you to be considered the better.

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