Tuesday, 26 July 2011

¿Tournament 38 teams in Argentina?

A championship 38 teams? The latest rumor / scoop that revolves around the Argentine soccer is that from next year, restructuring the format of the tournament first-including most of the second division teams. Fact or Fiction? Truth or cigar smoke?

River Plate since dropped to second division has been much talk of "the hand that would give the FAA" to return to first. The latest news about this is that from next year clubs second would become first a restructuring of the championship.

This would imply that the tournament first-pass have 20 to 38 teams and is played for a year with a structure something special. It is said that this would benefit the national government to have more games to televise and hence (a priori) would collect more money from advertising.

However it would be an unprecedented event in the world and that it would be a tournament with an exaggerated amount of equipment: Cups only to have system of groups and elimination playoff clubs have so many participants.

In return we must say that the AFA has always been known for circulating news of big changes have always fallen through the cracks as the elimination of the system averages and resume the old structure of the annual championship.

Is it true or just a "sale of smoke" on a large scale? What do you think, dear reader, about this change? Would it benefit the Argentine soccer? We want to hear from you.

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