Saturday, 9 July 2011

Three more distinguished, at zero cost

lucascastroman.jpg A few days ago I talked about five pictures of our league contract ending June 30, today we speak of a triumvirate of players afield are also without a team. Some names will ring you, all exceed the thirties and looking for a contract that serves to cap a career or ... to relaunch?

Angelos Basinas

It is the oldest of the candidates to occupy a site on a template lacking in the midfield and the economic issue. This player in 35 years while flirting with retirement for a destination. Reference Panathinaikos head for a decade and in their selection, an injury he departed from his club to anchor life in Mallorca, where in 2006 he collaborated to the table not only save vermilion but the following season to end in seventh place. AEK Athens offered to return home in exchange for 1.5 million euros and 32 years left the league. Then come the Portsmouth FC, who descended and left the AC Arles-Avignon, his last club before becoming unemployed. Guarantees experience in midfield, although there is a danger that look interesting to a contract prior to removal.

Lucas Castroman

A little over five years was one of the most promising of the prolific Argentine football. He became the idol of Velez Sarsfield, was hired by Lazio, everyone wanted our team of FIFA and was even called by Marcelo Bielsa for the combined albiceleste. But the European adventure will not sit well with Castromán therefore also tested at Udinese. Velez returned to where he was reunited with himself until he received a hearty supply of Mexican America. Neither won, but still kept their price in Argentina. It was nothing more or less to Boca Juniors, where he returned to do 'bluff'. His last team was Racing Avellaneda and since then, looking destination. Castromán highlights, or stressed by their good work for the right profile, where imagination and contributed a goal. Now his performance is unknown, unless the club is called Velez. A gamble that could guarantee quality and stability ... or not.


Miguel Angel Ferrer Martinez, alias 'Mista', is a forward-known that at 32 is without a club after his American adventure, where he played the last two seasons with Toronto FC of MLS. Its history goes back to fifteen years ago when Mista was part of the youth ranks at Real Madrid. The white club had a buyout too high for your card, and seeing the bleak future that would at the White House, sued the club to play for Tenerife, who hired him for much less than claimed all white . He debuted in Primera, but chicharreros declined. Valencia signed him, which gave it back to Tenerife and was on second when started drilling goals. Los Che fished and lived his prime as a pro, scoring goals left and right and being called by the Spanish national team. After downloading their performance went unnoticed by Athletics before testing the American adventure, which was dismissed in November. Now, this illustrates an alternative could fit on any computer without needing a lot of money and goals.

They have taken off this list Basturk Turkish, with 32 years seems to have hung up his boots, Sylvinho, who after completing contract with Manchester City has done the same with 37 or French Rothen, who was about to enter this Bastia list until the intruded into his path and hired him.

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