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Spanish League 2011/2012 Calendar: on the opening day, Betis-Sevilla and Barca visit Malaga Al Thani promising

1074827617_5af609acfc.jpg This morning schedules are drawn from the First and Second Division Spanish, an annual event which, though more than a month before the start of the Championship League and the clubs focused on setting up your templates, make the Most amateurs spend several minutes looking for some specific dates of the competition. Among these, no doubt, is the opening day, which has brought to the penultimate weekend of August, when the League started a game marked 2011/2012- rivalry: open mouth, a man Betis-Sevilla. Club Heliopolis, then, will begin his new career in the top flight with a duel of high demand, to his eternal rival, Marcelino Garcia Toral Seville, and a date on which the heat still squeeze a great time in the Andalusian capital.

Another party, a priori, most interesting first day of the Malaga-Barcelona. It is not only because we talk about the champions league, but especially because it will face a team that has radically changed its investment objectives through economic president, Arab Sheikh Al Thani, who is renovating with reinforcements a reputation (such as Van Nistelrooy, Toulalan, Joaquin Buonanotte ...). The names do not guarantee success, but the aspirations jellyfish walk close to Europe and to convince their fans, what better presentation to win in the Rose Garden of the almighty Pep Team.

Also on the opening day, we find the first-and-crossing traditional Basque Madrid: Real Madrid receive Athletic Bilbao, while the second project Gregorio Manzano ahead of Atletico Madrid in San Sebastian starts before the Royal Society, which also opens the hand cycle French coach Philippe Montanier. The other six games are: Villarreal, Sporting, Osasuna-Valencia, Racing-Getafe, Espanyol, Granada, Valencia-Zaragoza, Mallorca and Rayo Vallecano.


In La Liga, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will face in the days 16 and 35. In the first leg, the meeting is scheduled for the weekend from 9 to December 11, 2011, but given the situation that the Blaugrana have to play their semi-final of the Club World Cup (8 to 18 December) on 16. Thus, from the media have begun to speculate that the first derby league this season have to be postponed, or advance to Saturday, if Barcelona is subject, not only that, but some have already taken advantage of this situation to start a controversy absurd, nothing further from our intention. The second leg takes place on the penultimate weekend of April 2012 (21-22).

But we must also remember that both teams open the season vying for the Supercopa of Spain, to be played on d 14 and Wednesday 17 omingo next August. And there is another curious circumstance. The match was played at 22:00, but the back will start an hour later, at 23:00, unusual hour, because it coincides with the preliminary stage of the Champions League and UEFA bans play while meetings have other competition.

Other interesting games

Not just the classics live La Liga-despite appearances-so review some (only some) of the theoretically most interesting matches of the Championship, their days and dates given to teams that are normally installed in the area higher classification.

  • Barcelona-Villarreal: Week 2 (August 28) and 21 (29 January)
  • Valencia and Villarreal-Sevilla AT.MADRID: Week 3 (September 11) and 22 (February 5)
  • Valencia-Barcelona: Week 5 (September 21) and 24 (19 February)
  • Barcelona-Valencia and Seville AT.MADRID: Week 6 (September 25) and 25 (26 February)
  • AT.MADRID-Sevilla-Athletic R.Sociedad: Week 7 (October 2) and 26 (March 4)
  • Barcelona-Sevilla and Valencia-Athletic: Week 9 (October 23) and 28 (March 18)
  • R.Madrid-Villarrealand Athletic-AT.MADRID: Day 10 (October 26) 29 (March 21)
  • Athletic-Barcelona and Espanyol-Villarreal: day 12 (November 6) and 31 (April 1)
  • Valencia and Sevilla-Athletic R.Madrid: Week 13 (November 20) and 32 (April 8)
  • R.Madrid-AT.MADRID: day 14 (November 27) and 33 (April 11)
  • Sevilla-R.Madrid: Week 17 (December 18) and 36 (April 29)
  • Espanyol-Barcelona and Villarreal-Valencia: Week 18 (January 7) and 37 (May 6)
  • AT.MADRID Villarreal: day 19 (15 January) and 38 (13 May)

Second Division

The Second Division this season has a team that is clearly the team to beat: Deportivo La Coruna. Well, the Galician start this new journey lasts longer visit to Cartagena on the second day receives a visit from Recreativo Huelva, the dean of Spanish football, which traverses delicate economic times and was forced to renew its workforce. The Galician derby dreamed that many view this course in the First Division and, unfortunately, will have to settle for seeing in the Division of Silver, Celtic sports, will arrive the day 13, November 13, with the game going to be held in Riazor; back in Balaídos the April 15, 2012.

Last year, the second had the novelty of the ascent phase would use the play-off system to decide which team accompanied the two top finishers, promoted directly. Well, this time the novelty is in the climb phase penalty be deleted. Thus, if both teams reach the end of the tie with a tie on the scoreboard (roundtrip) will reach the set top ranked in the regular phase of the Liga Adelante.

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