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Results Polls NDF: The front of Real Madrid


Last Thursday we published a survey on the front of Real Madrid . We wanted to know the views and preferences of our readers, and 953 responses later, thank you very much everyone for the great participation, we share with you the results.

How important to you Higuain and Benzema?


The first thing noted is the great support he has Gonzalo Higuain. The 'Pipit' worked very hard in his first season as Real Madrid, always leaving the bench and even received some criticism. Eventually, he became the owner of Front Royal, and only a serious injury last season he was deprived of his post. His absence has not nullified the path, and Argentina is still preferred for the attack.

And while Benzema stands a greater diversity of opinion, and has no guarantees of his partner, 50% of voters considered transferable (in terms of Higuain, 75%), while 38% listen to offers, which pierce is not synonymous with each other or themselves. Their excellent second round last season, allowed him to be gradually regaining the confidence of the crowd. Karim and that player is not apathetic and disengaged from the first year, and now there is a player involved. The quality can not be discussed, and only 23 years. Personally, I still have great confidence in him, and I think Real Madrid giving an output would be wrong-which is not likely to happen.

¿Repescarías Adebayor?


As for a possible play-off Adebayor, 62% you consider that it is not necessary, against 36% who turn back to have their services. Adebayor's a striker who loves to Mourinho, and would provide conditions for the attack which lack both Benzema and Higuain. During his six months as Real Madrid had a very acceptable performance. While he did not have all the opportunities that could be expected given the technician's insistence on joining Luso, that Togo had good performances, as the important Champions League tie against Tottenham.

Would you pay 45 million for Neymar?


Here we come to the question with the answer that most caught my attention. And that 72% rejected the incorporation of Neymar. It is true that the vast majority do so for economic reasons. To these I ask, did ficharíais a reasonable price or just do not be convinced by the player?

I think Neymar will be taken to strengthen the attack, and that both the total unwillingness to cross before the Saints Club World, as the huge demand that exists for the player, be forced to put 45 million. It is true that today is a huge price for a player with such a short trip, but it is best to see it as an investment for a player just 19 years, which has conditions of crack. Sentencing of four America's Cup matches would be hasty and unfair. If it does not work, considering his youth, would not be very difficult to recover much of the investment in a transfer. Although thinking about it before they even have signed, is nonsense.

Would you pay 45 million by Kun Aguero?


For who does pondríais 45 million on the table is Kun Aguero. 66% would welcome his arrival, some even without Benzema Higuain or to incorporate it. Kun's logical that if you have the support that has not Neymar, if we consider that is a player much more contrasting. That takes several seasons showing in European football has real level of crack. However, I must say I do not share the idea of ​​those who see the possible incorporation of Kun a clear opportunity to catch up with the club.

What players would form the front of Madrid?


Here you have it very clear majority, and the lead conformaríais with Higuain Real Madrid (82%), Benzema (69%) and Kun Agüero (71%). Far left Adebayor (30%) and Neymar (27%), which definitely does not have too much of your support.

There is no doubt that we would have a formidable front, but do not be too much for so few jobs star? We should not forget players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Di Maria, Özil, Kaka, Coentrao, which saw the first game with Los Angeles Galaxy seems to have a significant presence in the frontcourt, and Alley. The presence of all of us to think a priori that between Higuain, Benzema, and the companion of these that comes, as one would dispute between the three. It is true that if the choice is Neymar, Brazil probably split from the left, pulling diagonally into the style of what makes a Christian.

Do you think that Madrid need to strengthen the attack earlier than other positions?


What has become clearer to me with the results of this question is that almost all believe that at least another booster is needed. Only 9% you consider that the template is already perfect as is. Moreover, you have 58% clear that the arrival of a striker is needed, but an important part of these considers that it is the only post that should be strengthened.

17% needed you see the arrival of a midfielder. I personally would welcome the addition of a right side. Years pass and Sergio Ramos best tactic. In big games, his band is always an obvious danger zone, and each time I have more clear that its performance improves considerably as central. Moreover, Arbeloa is a valid and very compliant side on the defensive, but its contribution in the attack is rather limited. However, it seems that Real Madrid are raised any further signing of the attacker in question.

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