Monday, 11 July 2011

Mexico is a spectacular World Champion Under 17

World Cup final at the Azteca Stadium in front of 100,000 spectators. The protagonists were not Messi, Iniesta or Cristiano Ronaldo, but twenty-two players between 16 and 17 who have had a unique experience. Mexico, host, and Uruguay faced by the title after defeating Germany and Brazil in the semifinals. A tournament has been characterized by the dramatic encounters and finally the selection has been imposed tricolor defeating La Celeste 0-2. A generation, Mexican, which promises good omens, and has achieved the world's second category for your country.

The hostess has been characterized in this tournament for a quality football marked by some individuals that would give much to talk about in the future. Meanwhile, Uruguay has made a replica of their ways to present a neat and punchy team that left no rival to think clearly. Thus, trying to choke out the Charruas Mexican players and as a result were the opposite goal with more closeness than its rivals, despite not take the lead. They looked for the ball with more determination, while Mexico was waiting pause.

It was a final before 100,000 spectators and the tension was reflected in the play of young players. Thus, inaccuracies took possession of both teams and sometimes not happen until the Uruguayan Elbio Alvarez marró a clear chance just before the Mexican goal. This was a turning point for both teams to break loose and offer more football. Thus came a great solo run from the end good Mexican Fierro was sent just wide. Fierro is a technical front, dynamic, fast and skillful that was a nightmare behind rival.

Shortly later came the first goal of Mexico after a long ball headed to the area Fierro back and, with the permissiveness of the blue defense, the central network Briseño ordered to loosen equality. Uruguay reacted quickly, but left-footed shot Alvarez crashed into the pole. Méndez Alvarez was with the best of the Uruguayan team. In Mexico also underlines Iron and Well, the lefty midfielder Espericueta, helm of the team and class player, good touch and vision.

Uruguay came out after the break determined to get the comeback, and tried it with an opportunity to Alvarez who arrested Sanchez and a shot to stick the front San Martín, but Mexico never lost the face to match. There were alternatives in the domain of the game and no one was clearly in control of the crash, and finally weighed legs for the effort. But after regular time, Giovanni Casillas, a lever combined regular Mexican surprised the dunk against Uruguay in an attack to mark the second and ensure victory for his team.

The packed Estadio Azteca vibrate with yours when the referee signaled the end of the match. And for good reason: Mexico was the world champion with a great game and displayed a promising generation of players, which in any case have yet to be done. A tournament, as noted at the beginning, has been catching in football, in the spectacular goals and labels of their game to remember. May it be a harbinger of things to come.

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