Monday, 25 July 2011

Media Schism: The LFP calls to radio stations a fee for the broadcasting of the matches

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We are accustomed to TV rights change hands, to disputes over possession, the division between the clubs and the debate about the appropriateness of the game open. Nothing new. But the radio was that trench and shelter to welcome us when television did not provide the parties or liked other story. That is history. The radio can be part of the circus and audiovisual rights, as the Football League is calling on broadcasters a fee for the live broadcast of the matches in the first and second divisions. They have already spoken: the negative is emphatic, even to negotiate.

Not a new subject: Jesus Gil raised in his day, without success, such a possibility. Was also seen last winter in order to implement the fee for the second round, but failed to succeed. Now may be different. The LFP, with Astiazarán front, to equate to a model that already exists in Germany and Italy and the FIFA and UEFA also required for their matches in European competitions. The LFP is not alone in this proposal. Astiazarán argues that, with this measure, broadcasters will have better working conditions and products that will assess whether they should explode. All this while losing money.

The AERC (Association of Spanish commercial broadcaster) has already ruled that this claim violates the right to information of citizens, in addition to rely on the radio does not encourage a potential viewer not to go to the field, unlike television . It upholds the vision of professional radio is personal and subjective. But the truth is that the latter also occurs in the employees that accompany the narrator on television. Radio stations, both public and private, are defended as cat belly up against a measure they believe unfair, but it could become a reality.

The problem is how football is integrated within the right of citizens to information, especially considering that the sport becomes more and more on your side of show business. Cases such as YouTube and the Copa America are oases in the desert. It's hard not to compare this case to the famous canon digital SGAE, with their obvious differences. But they want to pay for something they do not consider free anymore. And radio can be another source of income for the goose that lays golden eggs. Although not only the waves would be affected, but the percentage earned by the pool would be larger and the bookies have to pay to use the name of the clubs.

However, only the LFP live the crisis, also the media, especially radio. Failure to reach an agreement, there is a risk that we do not have Carrusel Deportivo Sunday or Game Time, that there is no alternative to tune the radio and see how it goes our team. Hard to imagine, but a real alternative. The measure would not be the same for all stations, but for those who have more audience. And speaking of hearing, it is not difficult to envision how this would end: more money for large and a small portion for children. That would not change anything.

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