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Manchester City sign striker to find the perfect

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Sulaiman Al-Fahim. This is the name that leapt to the history of a club with 131 years of existence. From being a regular club in the temperate zone of the table to rub shoulders with the greats, petrodollars through. Have not yet reached the success you crave, and that even an exorbitant investment can ensure immediate success, but last season and won the FA Cup and qualifying for the Champions desired. There have been few and cheap signings made : brothers Kolo and Yaya Toure, Lescott, Kolarov, Barry, De Jong, Milner, David Silva ... but there is a position you seem determined to take the rest and in which there have been about the wisdom: the front.

The owners of City understand that games are won with goals and repair expense to give his coach the best alternatives on the market, but in other positions of equal or greater importance is not so great effort. It will be money. The latest in sonar, three usual this summer market: Neymar, Alexis Sanchez and Aguero, the latter which seems to have a greater chance of becoming a citizen. In this post we will review all the strikers who have reached the Etihad Stadium since September 1, 2008 landing the Magi sheikhs in the English club.


Upon arrival Al Fahim, the Brazilian signed for City after a turbulent summer at the Bernabeu. Rang constantly as currency in the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, and he did not like the international canarinho. Finally, the rush to market and ensure good returns at the time the white beads, it amounted to 40 million transfer. It was the gift of welcome from their fans Sheikh.

Robinho came to a template and designed for more modest goals that the present and did poorly in its debut in the Premiership, but it was deflating slowly and never filled the expectations that were not few. I was not happy at Man City and was first loaned to Santos Brazil and finally transferred to Milan, where he has served in his first season.

Craig Bellamy

A few months later, during the winter, Bellamy arrived from West Ham for an amount not fully cleared and estimated at 15 million euros. Welsh, a nomad all of English football, he began his great adventure in the City at the hands of Mark Hughes, scoring goals and becoming an idol of the fans, while the problems were caused character acts presence. After the dismissal of Hughes and the arrival of Mancini, Bellamy lost prominence in the club until he decided to go on loan to hometown club, Cardiff City. Today is apart from the group with other players and two strikers who discussed below.

Roque Santa Cruz

It was a request of Hughes, who had at Blackburn. After a career at Bayern Munich irregular, the Paraguayan striker broke into the ranks of Rovers and won his move to Manchester City for 21 million euros. However, the continuous injury and competition in the lead citizen Santa Cruz never allowed to show their eye for goal. Last season on loan at Blackburn again without much luck. Today not account for the club.

Emmanuel Adebayor

Except for a season in which he scored 24 goals for Arsenal was never a scorer, but he claimed as such. It came from the Gunners for 29 million and was a starter in his first season, but did not quite fully convince. His discipline problems and brushes with Mancini did the rest. In his second season was a regular on the bench and in the winter went on loan to Madrid, where he has met. A Mourinho would like to continue receiving the Togolese, but the white dome like saying no. Mancini did not even want to see.

Carlos Tevez

With Apache we refer no doubt to the striker who has offered better performance. Since arriving from neighboring and rival, United, for 35 million, Argentina has not stopped scoring goals for his team. In his first season he scored 23 in 35 games, and in the last 21 with 31, which was awarded theor shared top scorer Berbatov by the red devil. On the opposite side, his continuing dismay over wear the citizen, and even stay in Europe, which has led him to ask his departure from the club in more than one occasion. In recent days seemed made his move to Corinthians, but it seems to remain in the England team. For potential and performance, its 27 years has left many at the highest level.

Mario Balotelli

A gamble. Came at the request of Mancini, who made his debut for Inter Milan, after paying the City 28 million for his transfer. With 20 years of Ghanaian origin Italian has so much potential as a bad head, and so far has emphasized more the latter. His first season in England has been low, twelve from titles, five deputy and six goals. While this is trusted and this year will have a new opportunity, but more competition.

Edin Dzeko

So far, the latest great addition to attack. Market came in last winter after an excellent track record in Wolfsburg Germany, where he won league and had enough to score goals. For 35 million confirmed his move to City and it seemed that the Bosnian would end the problems in the lead, but was not entirely so. He scored some important goals in his first half season, but their numbers were below expectations. However, much is expected of him and the scope of its performance will be after completing his first season as a citizen.

In total, 200 million have been that Manchester City has spent on his front since the arrival of Al Fahim. Not be the last, they seem willing to pay for 45 kilos of the clause of Kun Aguero. And if not it will be another. You could say that with great strikers can win games but not tournaments. However, the fact is that the English have a great squad in all lines. But the setting seems designed to attack.

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