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Malaga illusion, line by line

Aladdin Lamp

Perhaps it was a young man burdened by the uneven evolution of his team who, for some autumnal walk the beaches of Malaga, the sand found an old lamp that seemed to have no value. Reminiscent of old stories and tales of his childhood proceeded, not without shame, rubbing the lamp with the illusion that arises from within an everlasting smile blue wizard to grant three wishes. For a moment, a glimmer of hope seemed to awaken a smile, but the lamp remained unmoved. The young man continued his way, amused at how naive for doing so. However, he kept that old lamp, she liked it. Some days passed, and Malaga CF officially announced that Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al Thani was the new owner of the club.

Son, who would say a couple of years ago, one of the great animators of the summer market, not only in Spain but in all Europe. With an experienced substantial, several important reinforcements over a base and revenues provided at the end of last season, Malaga seems destined to higher levels are used to. As usual, some people put the outcry about the ethics of building a team based book, but as they are the things in our game, more predictable, so be who animates the picture. Not come to meet the two giants, but perhaps to encourage the chasing pack.

Some signings arrive at its best, as Cazorla and Monreal. Other irregular trajectory after Joaquín Valencia and Sergio Sánchez Manzano after the arrival of Seville last season. The Dutch Mathijsen and Van Nistelrooy are already veterans, while Toulalan had lowered its cache in recent seasons. Bounanotte after being one of the most promising Argentine performance was down and gone through difficult personal times. For its part, Isco is still a promise. However, they are all signings can bring great things if the Chilean coach gets the best of them. As we did with Baptista, who also came back to the Rose Garden. In any case, his biggest challenge will be to make them all a team.

We discuss the template line by line fashion in Spanish football considering the usual 4-4-2 Pellegrini.


It was possible reinforcement, but it seems that the template is considered complete. The Argentine Willy Caballero, signed after the injury Asenjo, gave a great performance in goal during the second round Malacitana, appearing as a gatekeeper of guarantees. Behind him stood Reuben, former Barca keeper highlighting third in second with Cartagena. It's not gloss over the line, but if Knight continues the same level is well covered.


The central plaza is neatly reinforced Demichelis after the arrival of winter, offering good performance, and the Mathijsen. It is also Sergio Sanchez, who played the right side with Gamez and can play center as well Weligton and Kris, good power with complicated ownership. In the left-back, Monreal occupy one of the weakest positions last year. The Luso Duda can also play there.


For the double pivot Toulalan has been engaged in defensive characteristics. A strengthening of European level. Apoño, former Atletico Camacho and Maresca, plus Recio, pleasant surprise last season, are the alternatives available to a well Pellegrini covered. Cazorla is also able to carry the handle of the game, but it seems difficult to form part of a double pivot and place could be in band, although free to enter. In these bands have something to say on the right and Joaquin both Eliseu, Duda addition to the left. Buonanotte Isco and can also play heeled to one side.


For the position of attacking midfielder or second striker, features and options multiply. Baptista, afterturn, has lead to the post. But they are also Isco, who is expecting great things, Uruguayan Buonanotte Sheba and also the squad Portillo, but could get transferred. For the position of ram with Van Nistelrooy, and the young Juanmi Rondón. The latter, with only 18 years, and scored his first goal in the first 16 and present in the European Under 19, is difficult to have minutes. The Venezuelan Rondón, author of fourteen goals last season, has stiff competition in Van Nistelrooy, who will have to prove their fitness. In any case, Rondon and now have a master Juanmi unbeatable.

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