Saturday, 9 July 2011

Kiko Femenía, present and future commitment to bargain

kikofemeniabarcelona.jpg While engaged in is a bit stagnant signings Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez, FC Barcelona has confirmed this week the hiring of Femenía Kiko, a young player who will move smoothly around the right flank of the field game and although it has been signed to continue his progression in the branch Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola and the technical plan to make the second switch with the first team. In these times where every player is worth three times if you are interested in is a big, Barca managed to get the pearl of Hercules 2 million plus 1.5 variables. A very affordable given the projected Kiko last season and played most games of his team in first division.

Kiko Although not yet proven to be a crack, its evolution has not put the brakes on his debut in the top national competition. The province of Alicante, just 20 years, has managed to forget a debut against Athletic Bilbao that caused an anxiety attack, and while descending the Hercules has completed, their experience has been rising. For the price it has cost Femenía (2 kilos more variables), other teams have spent more or less the same for inexperienced players in the category or unaware of the Spanish championship. That is why I think his hiring not only good for the table of Eusebio, who's mission is to match temporadón Luis Enrique has done, but for a Barcelona that can gradually be entering his knowledge and knowing experience.

Some criticize that Barcelona is devoted to sign good players for the reserves and then promote them to show off your quarry, which while not always true, many also practice many teams like Villarreal B, which also fights in the Liga Adelante. What is Barcelona with its subsidiary is not to mix youth with experience with the only goal of the young grow up watching those who already know what this is and also perform well in a category as hard as that of silver. If someday Femenía the first team, no one would doubt that the Hercules was formed, but would also be true, like it or not, comes from the subsidiary. And ditto the same thing with, say, Jonathan Soriano, who though raised in the Espanyol, its emergence has been in the affiliate culé.

Femenía, which has already passed the medical examination, now focus their forces on the sub'20 World of Colombia will take place between July 29 and August 20. Be part of a team that also is another player first, Sergio Canales, and if it goes well for Spain is likely to miss the start of the Liga Adelante. In a few years, who knows if both Real Madrid and Barcelona lead the absolute. Until then, clap blaugrana employment by one of the players with more projection of our football at a bargain price.

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