Thursday, 14 July 2011

Is Cesc lower salary to play for Barcelona?

Cesc Fabregas seems willing to do anything to play for FC Barcelona next season. The player currently in the ranks of Arsenal would drop the salary to facilitate your arrival to the team FC Barcelona.

Cesc would be willing to deny a bonus of 2 million euros that was going to give Arsenal the next season and his salary would drop from 7 to 6 million euros to be re-Barcelona player. It seems that this spring, Cesc do not want the same thing happens as last year when he publicly stated his desire to leave Arsenal to go to Barcelona to finally stay in the England team.

However, in the way of Fabregas also intersect other clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester City is willing to offer to play a contract of 12 million euros gross per year.

What about him? We do not know, seems to be another drama of the transfer market.

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