Monday, 25 July 2011

The funny video of the day: Balotelli immature

Mario Balotelli has become a liar. This time has been in a friendly match against Los Angeles Galaxy when the Italian striker stood hand in hand with the goalkeeper and tries to overcome a "shot" ridiculous and insulting to his opponent.

You have to differentiate when it comes to resources-heel passes, truancy, or even a penalty to Panenka-and when a clear lack of respect for the opponent. This auction Balotelli reminds me of a penalty for heel whose video circulating on the Internet last week. Another example of trying to humiliate your opponent, devoid of sportsmanship.

After this act of Balotelli, Mancini did not hesitate for a second and quickly left the field, to make way for a fight between them. The City last season paid 28 million euros for the former Inter Milan. His appearances are rather rare, and destroying his character remains a huge talent. Beyond it.

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