Friday, 15 July 2011

The fans of Sporting Gijon, outraged at the new gear from Kappa


I read half the new equipment Asturian Sporting Gijon was received with divided opinions , but I still have not found any sportinguista follower who likes the new shirt Kappa. A shirt that was filed Friday in El Molinón, with great expectation and with the rest of the equipment. When players jumped into the pitch with it, received it from the stands booing.

The reasons are obvious. We will not get the shirt itself, objectively, it's beautiful, beautiful, ugly or horrible. We will not enter into that debate because it is not necessary. This shirt is doomed from the outset because it simply does not represent the Sporting de Gijón. It goes against 106 years of tradition. Sporting, which is the Spanish club that longest-wearing red and white shirt, has become Blanquirroja. View from afar, hardly differ very fine red stripes to become a uniform similar to Real Zaragoza.

The fans took months of Sporting excited imagining your new equipment. After thirteen years with equipment designed by Astore, had signed a new three-year contract with Kappa. Today, finally could resolve their doubts. Obviously, the disappointment is huge. So much so that TT Twitter Kappa is the subject of much criticism they are receiving .

This is another example of how they are ruining football, charging traditions in search of business. But they should be aware that something is threatening innovation and other symbols. The fan sportinguista not feel represented by this shirt, and Kappa should be aware that they are the first casualties. I do not think that today many shirts have been sold or will be sold throughout the season. In fact, I can imagine a Molinón rojiblanco, still wearing Astore.


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