Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Do you think Alexis Sanchez needed more than Cesc for Barca?: The question of the week Football Notes

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The FC Barcelona on Monday began its preseason, so far no new faces despite the fact that if the press was, Alexis Sanchez and Cesc would have already signed several days ago. Pep Guardiola on Tuesday gave his first press conference of the preseason, and of course the names of both players came to the fore. Very surprising was to see that when asked whom he considered most indispensable both Blaugrana coach did not hesitate, saying that Alexis. His remarks motivate our Question of the Week:

Do you think Alexis Sanchez needed more than Cesc for Barca?

Guardiola is sure his motives are more than reasonable, but here we seek feedback from our readers. Do you think it is important to include Alexis rather than Cesc? Why? Do not you are asking about Arsenal's efforts to break away from his club, which seem to be reciprocated by the whole FC Barcelona? We remind you that it is important that you should bear much us your opinion through the Notes section Football Responses .

Last week's answer: What is your best memory of the World Cup?

On the anniversary of the Spanish victory in South Africa last year, I asked last week what was the best memories I have of the World . There have been memories for the goal by Puyol, the wounds of war Piqué, the madness of the Paraguay game, the kiss of Casillas and Sara Carbonero ... and even for vuvuzelas. But the answer you most enjoyed was that of user:

Eat with potatoes my criticism of the duo formed by Busquets and Alonso.

Or the nerves that went from the repetition of the penalty Alonso failed to stop after a few minutes Casillas ... quin patiment!

And surely many of us identify with his answer. That pairing of Xabi Alonso and Busquets raised much criticism, particularly aimed at Barcelona player and after the opening loss to Switzerland. Del Bosque But not only remained firm in his ideas, but he showed his full support to Busquets, from the press room to the pitch. He ended up signing an outstanding performance in the World Cup and is now more important part in the scheme of the Spanish.

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