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Copa America 2011: A last minute Edivaldo Rojas

edivaldorojasbolivia.jpg It has become customary that when a team 'great' lost, talk about their defects, their mistakes, 'buts', forgetting most of the cases, which had a rival in front, like it or not, helped to surprising result that loss or a priori, to become a reality. This is what happened in Argentina-Bolivia: all betting on the success of the host, but became 'the' Green 'and they spoiled the party . Few talk about the merits of the Bolivians draw against one of the favorites, but most of it takes care of all the gaps Sergio Batista.

One of the protagonists, at least in regard to combined Guillermo Quinteros was attacking midfielder Edivaldo Rojas. Possibly his name did not sound much, but since Saturday has entered fully into the story of your choice. His case is interesting because it was called at the last minute by coach, which had to accept that Edivaldo marry Bolivia was just as concentrated as his call was so surprising that the player himself had no time to cancel. But why was summoned at the last minute? Because Edivaldo born in Brazil, specifically in Cuiabá, and we know that the bureaucracy is slow ...

Rojas's father is Brazilian and his mother, Bolivia. In this mix was born the player divided by two flags. As a player raised in Brazil, though from 2008 played in the Portuguese Navy, this campaign has come down to the second division. However, he has always felt Bolivian and, in fact, is known as 'Bolivia' since the country ended up in Portugal. Is the name that shows the back of his band and he feels very proud. After much paperwork, documentation and bureaucracy, could finally be called 'the truth'. Late, but better late than never.

At 25 years last season signed four goals in the league ZON Sagres, but were insufficient to save his team's decline. While deciding his future in Portugal, you know what is officially debut with Bolivia and score the goal, in addition to heel, with nothing more and nothing less than Argentina. The Brazilian-Bolivian silenced a stadium with what he considers the most important goal of his career. In Bolivia, for the moment, dream that is not the last.

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