Monday, 4 July 2011

Copa America 2011: joga bonito also disappoint, Brazil goalless draw against Venezuela

City of La Plata: Same scenario, same feeling. Brazil has disappointed in his debut where Argentina disappoint, by 1-1 against Bolivia , despite the goal by Agüero. The two favorites have started their football career with a well below expectations. The Canarinha has failed to score a goal. Even in the first half. There, the Brazilians dominated and reached with ease. Although the chances were not entirely clear and is lost in a sterile preciousness, it seemed the goal was a pure matter of time. Robinho led the team, delaying his position to help build and link with the front half. Milan was the solution to the absence of geese. Acting too secretive of the crack of the Saints, who fell in love in the final of the Libertadores against Peñarol . They expected more from him as his companion Neymar. Always dangerous, the so-called new Pele did something in the first half and nothing in the second. Still, the five-time world remain favorites. For players and playing style.

Pato had the clearest chance of the match. In a shot that crashed off the crossbar of Vega, when she ran 27 minutes. Rossoneri striker took a ball down authentic recital of the sky. Instead, it was not so fine in several balls privates who could not control within the area. Not only Pato. Seleção was more vague than usual at the time of attack. While in the second half faded and gave options to their rivals. Vinotinto approached, bringing so to speak, the goal of Júlio César with more heart than arguments. Arango failed to score shortly after the final, in good control Getafe assistance of Nicolas Fedor Miku. Shot down by Arango was too cross. He lost the most important occasion for the rangers. A chance of backlash that occurred while Ramires, lying on the ground, hurt by a kick.

That was the greatest merit of a Venezuela that had a header Arango timid in the first half and a shot of Cesar Gonzalez in the second half. That and some more. The great strength of the Venezuelans was containment. The first 45 minutes were over the odds for a lot of pressure Brazil and moved easily and directly by the core. After the break, leaving behind the lines and fewer gaps. To the extent that Rosales overturned on the side Neymar few appearances, plenty of space in the early going. If anyone personifies the delivery of the entire defensive Cesar Farias, that's Vizcarrondo. The ubiquitous Vizca fell to the ground to neutralize the other crucial verdeamarelha occasion. Robinho received only Neymar and beat Vega. The low shot, tight and underpowered was intercepted by the shoulder Vizcarrondo. Mano Menezes asked the hand, but the Bolivian Orozco did not interpret it that way.

Stuck, Brazil changed the chip and tested with Fred, who started by Robinho. Elano and Lucas , the jewel of Sao Paulo, entered in place of Ramires and Pato. Although still not found the formula. Not before the national anthem sounded by sound problems, and then saw the joga bonito. Overconfidence leaves a little recognizable image of the virtual winner of this tournament. Many take for champion at Goose Neymar and company. Above the host, Argentina's Messi, one that has yet to meet. But more surprising when selecting porel Neymar Pelaz their cracks and Robinho, Dani Alves to dyeing has embraced the fashion of the multicolored hair , which color and effective football that awaits you. Still, the Brazilian team does not lose its identity. It has the potential of leftovers. But yet to prove if he wants to lift his third consecutive America's Cup.

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