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Copa America 2011: Football puts Valdivia, Chile and Uruguay sign boards

He began the second day of Group C with the clash between Chile and Uruguay, two teams that had left different feelings in his debut. While the Red, despite his mistakes in both areas showed good manners on the ball, La Celeste foundered in a sea of doubt . However, today signed tables, tie one, not only on the scoreboard, but in the short game of midfield or the inability to create dangerous situations in the penalty area. At least until it jumped into the field Valdivia to light the way Chileans and starring the best individual performance so far in the Copa America.

There was little change in the elevens. When it seemed that Paredes, hero in Mexico, would replace the injured Matias Fernandez in the Chilean side was Luis Jimenez, former Inter, who took his place. For its part, the Uruguayan team formed with Alvaro Pereira Porto player instead of Lodeiro. Less football, but to stop the game claw Chile. Soon they were the original intentions of both teams, while Chile wanted the ball, leaving Uruguay pressed to fast forward towards the opposite goal. Quickly we learned that the team would not have a party Borghi as comfortable as with the Mexicans.

It did not take Uruguay to have the first opportunity: Cavani collected a ball near the area and gave a great assistance to Luis Suarez Bravo just squandered. It was the only notable player who made the Naples, which was replaced at halftime. Gradually, Chile was spreading the game of Uruguay and soon was a tough game with little football and where the nerves were beginning to take over the players. Football in the midfield of both teams and individuals was non-existent in attack had little weight in the game.

The highlight of the first half was a more than possible penalty of Caceres Jimenez, as this was pushed without Uruguayan defender touched the ball, and the best opportunity for Chile in a bizarre play where direct cleared Lugano at the foot of island whose rebound from outside the area went to the bar. Surreal. End of the first 45 minutes and hope for a second time with more football.

And he did. The second half began with a clear opportunity that Jimenez topped loose heel on the edge of the penalty area, to stop Muslera. Shortly after the goal would come from Uruguay. Island made ​​a mistake that did not miss Luis Suarez after haggling at the same island and give Alvaro Pereira for this auction to the network. In Chile, which had more weight in the game, again the same thing happen to Mexico. But soon after would change in Chile and in the party: a loose left his post to Jara Valdivia, nicknamed El Mago and Palmeiras player who spent eight years with no luck for Rayo Vallecano.

Chile Vidal made up its system and again demonstrated a versatility rarely seen leaving the double pivot to fill the left-back who had left Jara. Valdivia took the playmaker and from there rose above the mediocrity yet seen in the midfield of both teams. Next to him, Alexis Sánchez, very quiet until then, also grew when finally had a partner-insurance guarantees that you are thinking the same player I. Thereafter, Valdivia and Muslera, Uruguayan goalkeeper, became actors, which gives a clear idea of how the collision took place.

And five minutes into The Wizard came as Chilean. A great goal. The midfielder got a great pass from the left that gave Alexis Beausejour. The Udinese with a perfect definition, beat Muslera, who could do nothing. Yes you could in a couple of occasions to save the defeat Uruguay, mainly in a header from Jimenez, who did not have his day in the small area. The end of the match was Chilean Valdivia domain front, but was not reflected in the score and the tie was the final result. But one thing was clear: when real football is played, the more likely they get results. As simple as that.

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