Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Copa America 2011: Chile suffers to win the young team from Mexico

It seemed logical that he had taken a vacation at the same time America's Cup was played. With ties to Argentina and Brazil , great favorites, plus Uruguay, fourth world in the past, the surprises were becoming key players in the South American tournament start. Chile, one of the combined more than expected, has been poised to follow current to the young team that Mexico has presented in Argentina. Despite dominating almost the entire match, had to rally from a goal of the Tricolor to prevail finally by two goals to one.

If Mexico had presented its main players, they have won the Gold Cup would be one of the candidates to go far in the tournament, but with a selection made ​​up mostly of players under 22 league and dotted Aztec -sporting controversy , its role has not rosy. Giovani dos Santos is only hope. Even the technician present at the tournament, Luis Fernando Tena, is the assistant Chepo de la Torre, Mexico coach.

Meanwhile, Chile was in his best pieces, known in Spain as Sevilla Bravo Medel or realistic, and old friends as Contreras, who played for Celtic, Ponce, who had a brief stint in the Racing, Suazo, which won for Zaragoza and Matias Fernandez, who had no fortune over Villarreal. However, all eyes were on someone who could play in our league: Alexis Sanchez, claimed by Barcelona, ​​who showed skill and good manners but did not have his best day.

The match was a monologue of the Red-the truth is that it has registered the name before ours. With the dominance of possession insured, Mexico had little continuity with the ball and often quick to let go along with the hope of finding Giovani, too lonely. But before entering assessments about the fairness of football with Chile, the truth is that just managed to unsettle the Mexican defense, whether planted in your area. Aware of its limitations, crouched behind Mexico hoped, but his lack of drive did not put on the spot to rival that easily recover the possession.

Borghi, consistent with the ideas of Bielsa, predecessor, was wide open with two men in Beausejour band with the left and Isla, omnipresent, on the right. Vidal Medel and form a good midfield with Alexis Matias Fernandez and freedom of movement behind Suazo. With this scheme and a team much more than the Mexican made, the party seemed to him clearly. Quick set up the first time with a fantastic attendance of Isla Alexis wasted on a one on one with Michel, Mexican goalkeeper. It seemed the beginning of a peaceful meeting, but chances soon be repeated.

Without clarity in the final meters, Chile had trouble finding holes in the rear rival. By Mexican Giovani, heeling to the right and constantly monitored, created unease every time he touched the ball, but without success. I often had to stop to wait for their peers, as these were more concerned to defend than to attack. But when it seemed the tie would be the end result of the first half jumped surprise: in a defensive Chilean defender headed the network Araujo to advance to Mexico on the scoreboard. Nineteen, marked his first goal in his third appearance and internationally.

After the break, things were different. Chile still setting the pace and Mexico expected in the field. Suazo missed a good chance to tie after a combination with Ponce, but shot to give the Mexican goal. The tables would end up coming on 67 minutes when Paredes, who had entered Beausejour found aball at the goal line after a corner. The Verve won Borghi and sought after both hard of goal, and only six minutes later, another corner Matigol would throw header by Vidal to complete both a good comeback. The game pieces would eventually give Chile the game.

Paredes would still have another opportunity to achieve both quiet, but did not reach the ball with the assistance of the empty net after Suazo. Mexico timidly tried to stretch and went on to have a chance with Edward Pacheco of the same name that joined the Portuguese strangely Madrid in the nineties, but the victory would go to Chile. They were proposed more and better things that the opponent, but will improve performance in the final meters to get ahead in the tournament.

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