Saturday, 2 July 2011

Copa America 2011: Argentina disappoints and is no more than draw with Bolivia

Argentina National Team, host and tournament co-favorite along with Brazil, failed to make the draw against a Bolivian national team that came close to the first big surprise of the tournament. The opening game of this type of championships are often very similar: the expectation is so difficult prior to the meeting does not end up disappointed. And disappointment is probably the most accurate adjective to define the feeling that we left last night's Albiceleste, not so much the result but also because the game unfolded.

Coach Sergio Batista said on several occasions that he intended his combined came to play as close to FC Barcelona. After a draw is just that, a simple tie, tried to convince us that his claim was not so ... But seeing his approach gives the impression that, in fact, his team has introduced a number of variants very similar to the Pep Team. Starting from behind, as we saw Mascherano, who started as a pivot, slipped between the output power to support the ball, causing Burdisso and Milito were opened and the sides ahead Zanetti and Red lines. And decided to put up Lavezzi wide, and Tevez and Messi make room to move around the central part of the vanguard.

However, the whole plan fell 4-3-3 halved by placing Cambiasso in midfield and Banega in parallel, two men who mix much in very little horizontal and vertical. The Cuchu has arrived, but no is supplier of balls for the attackers, while Banega is far from being a player who can hurt playing between the lines. He missed a solution like Pastore, who, at least on the board could have done much more Bolivia damage than they did midfielders chosen by the DT Aires. However, it seems that Batista could not get Argentina out Barca and Argentina. Clear that neither Guardiola Blaugrana have exclusivity or anything, but come on, stay halfway between two styles is a big mistake.

So, we soon see Messi down to the line to get balls. This is fine as an option, but not when it becomes an obligation. Batista is right to put the flea and false news and giving autonomy to move, but Apache and Pocho almost glued to the sidelines and Banega Cambiasso and always behind, Messi shot over the slalom to the association. Still, Argentina had dominated and sometimes rather timid, but it was too anarchic and failed to find a regular rhythm.

Two minutes after the restart he jumped in surprise. Launched a corner fatal Rojas Campos fell to the near post, who made ​​a foreshortening the ball that hit the heel. Banega was in his way, and only he will know the reason, instead of sending the ball to La Pampa, wanted to control and punish him by luck that the ball is between his legs and slinks shifting the goal line despite the Romero pulled the goalie desperate. A goal of shit , in the words of Messi, but hey, for all practical purposes is as good as a ratatatatá ...

Batista then had given up one of their midfielders ineffective, resulting entry after the break Cambiasso Di Maria, a change that if it appears necessary before the goal, after both had been forced Bolivia. However, the hostess continued without finding themselves unable to work symphonically. Impotence Argentina could end in tragedy if Romero would not have taken a providential hand in a face to face with Martins on 67 minutes. The shock aroused by Batista, who immediately replaceAguero and Lavezzi, confirming their mistake by putting the player from Naples so close to the sidelines and away from the opponents' goal, a role for which, presumably, is more apt someone like Di Maria.

With the passage of minutes recoiling Truth was more and more understandable but fatal error: if something is Argentina's attack is powder and eggs to fight to the end. Thus, a quarter of an hour remaining, Burdisso caught a distant center of Di Maria to lower the chest the ball Kun, who shot a volley Arias and put the tie on the scoreboard. The draw spurred the minds of more than 35,000 Argentines almost the capacity of the stadium Copacabana One and his anger spread to the players, but the Argentinians did not accompany his rush mood with an improvement in his game, so little happened and the meeting opening ended with a tie. The result is disappointing for Argentina, the more your game, but it is far from the end of the world. If not, we would say to us, this is how it starts , but as just .

PS. I saw the first part of the party by Channel 2011 YouTube CA . The image quality was excellent, I wonder if HD, I think not, but at least in my case, there were courts continuously, very small but steadily. So I spent the rest Veetle, where I was able to see perfectly. You guys you tried YouTube? If so, how you see?

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