Thursday, 7 July 2011

Copa America 2011: Argentina and Messi hit bottom while Colombia spares them

Just finish the match of Copa America 2011 that faced Argentina and Colombia, with goalless draw. However, anyone think that another duel was insipid as many appearances to date. The party has enjoyed many times, controversy, heroes and villains.

The largest of these, at least for the fans of Argentina, is Leo Messi. His face during the encounter was a poem, and has left the pitch booed by their own fans, who minutes earlier chanted the name of Diego Armando Maradona, who knows if throwing less and technical-yes, many were not chastened the -World, or to send a hint to that place and the crack culé above it.

Two days ago we wondered how it differs from the Messi of FC Barcelona at the Argentina National Team . We came to the conclusion that beyond not being able to have Xavi and Iniesta, the big problem is the absence of a clear idea in the Argentine game. Even wanting to play in a manner for which there is no foundation. As a result, the potential for Messi remains in the way, has returned to Colombia to do the same.

But tonight was even worse. The thing has not been in a Messi out of position, but an erratic Messi who did not left anything, leading to apathy and demoralization. In the final, far from being ambitious for victory, has been invaded by the parsimony, as though he wanted to reach the end to make a fresh start. Personally, I do not remember a game so bad Messi.

But again they do wrong that they want to believe that the main problem is Messi. The errors start on the bench and move into the lawn when we see Tevez drowning in a band. A Cambiasso in midfield, while dividing Banega fails. A Messi catching the ball fifty yards of goal. Argentina displays a chaotic game, you just basing your luck at the inspiration of his infinite individualities. And Batista, far from seeking a solution, adds more wood to the fire when he sees just time and gives access to e Higuain Aguero removing a midfielder (Banega) and one man band (Lavezzi), with the sole intention of accumulating dynamite in the last line and see if any of you win the lottery.

And you see missing from the left Tevez, Aguero and Higuain and giving the baton to the right and ask yourself, why you have to Di Maria? To this we must add the entry of a Fernando Gago that comes from not playing around year, and give the work to give fluidity to the game and engage with the lead. And one wonders why you have Pastore?

The truth is that if anyone deserved to win this match, was Colombia. A selection that apply for the title thanks to their collective game and consolidated its strong defense, a great support system and its ability to exit the counter taking advantage of the spaces left by the opponent. And with two players of the stature of Guarin and Falcao, who today are the best in football. Especially the latter, which shows every day be a world-class striker.

Colombia pardoned a number of occasions indecent, many of them thwarted by a fantastic Romero-elected man of the match. But special mention for which Dayro Moreno door was completely empty after a very clear lack of Burdisso Ramos should have been penalty and expulsion. All wine caused by a blunder by Gabi Milito, which makes clear that except the goal, no line albiceleste is saved from burning.

The worst thing for Argentina is not the only take two points or a goal in 180 minutes. Nor is going to cross safely with Uruguay or Chile in the early exchange. The worst thing for Argentina is not yet come, and after performances like tonight, nor was he expected. Batista is forced to react.

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