Monday, 11 July 2011

Colombia beat Bolivia: the quarter as a team leader

Colombia won its third game in the Copa America and secured first place in Group A. Meanwhile, Brazil drew with Paraguay and left the field clear for Venezuela after beating Ecuador, will remain as leader of the group B.

Colombia is already in the quarterfinals of the Copa America. C on two goals by Radamel Falcao Garcia, Gomez Bolillo team defeated Bolivia and achieved the dual objective: to go to fourth and first in his group. While Bolivia is already the first team eliminated from the tournament because it has no chance of getting the two best third in the tournament. Then the highlights of the meeting

Meanwhile, in Group B managed to beat Venezuela by 1-0 to Ecuador, with 4 points, was the leader ahead of Brazil and Paraguay (both with 2 points) tied together for 2 to 2. Then I leave the video recaps of both games.

There are five games to spare. The next is between Argentina and Costa Rica which takes place today.

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