Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Business issues and exclusivity

Marcelo Madrid

Anyone who has experienced a change in the head control of a company will know what I mean: often, the new leader will want to have your own people and look askance at what he had. Today, the clubs have a lot of companies, and even a club the size of Real Madrid is not immune to the vagaries of any company worth its salt. With the change in the direction starred twice by Florentino Perez, Real Madrid president has shown he feels more protected and secure with players who bring their signature on the contract. If we add the apparent penchant to win with a team composed exclusively of his own signings, we could better understand the need to recruit like Fabio Coentrao .

Go ahead the Portuguese seems a good player who has a chance of doing well at the Bernabeu, but it sounds strange to pay 30 million in a post occupied by Marcelo, who has given an excellent performance last season and whose projection does not guess its limit yet. However, we can not meet the Brazilian side was a hiring of Calderon, one of its few successes in office white.

Lass, Gago, Pepe, Higuain, Marcelo and Garay are the survivors of the era of Calderon and Mijatovic, as well as Drenthe, who is not counted. Few really considering that Florentino white ship returned to just two summers ago. Lass, Gago and Garay have foot and a half outside the club, Joe has had numerous problems with its renewal, and Higuain has often been the subject of rumors about his transfer. And now comes a Marcelo see how hard and costly competition.

Moreover, in recent times have been unashamedly out Sneijder, Robben, Huntelaar, Van der Vaart, Van Nistelrooy ... while in the first stage, Redondo was defeated by supporting the candidacy of Lorenzo Sanz and Makelele never saw his deserved renewal until he had to leave the club. Suddenly, the Madrid was changing the face which had been a champion of Europe to form one team that stood out the galaxy and the Pavones. Even Raul was never liked by Florentino, and even rumored at the time the signing of Buffon to the goal.

However, Lorenzo Sanz was not as large as the problem with Calderon, known as the enmity between him and the current president. And Marcelo Pepe has been with the sole survivor of the previous stage in the eleventh regular last season, apart from Sergio Ramos, who himself was a signing of Florentino. Two strangers known. At least Joe is fortunate to be part of the group of Mendes, who has been strong at the Bernabeu, but Marcelo has no such luck.

I do not, although it seems otherwise oust Florentino Perez to the lions. I do not share the animosity you have towards the president of Real Madrid, who I believe is a Real Madrid wants the best for your club. Unlike many others, is not in football for his exclusive personal interest, and finally seems to have understood that the plot is best left in the hands of more capable sport. However, do not share the apparent penchant to win with a computer that do not fit players who have not been signed by him, although they are perfectly valid.

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